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Business names that sound strange to others?

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gramma dishes:

--- Quote from: mom2four on June 11, 2013, 03:06:06 AM ---In Denmark we have a big travel company called Spies (pronounced spees). I never thought it funny untill I took my American family to the airport and they saw what they thought was a special check in counter for spies.

--- End quote ---

I'm sure I'd have thought the same thing.  But I would have also thought "What the heck kind of spies would advertise that this is their line and let their faces show like this?"    ???   ;D

Maybe more brand names than business names, but I'll bite.

In our basement, just past where Smaug (the furnace) sleeps, is a fire extinguisher imported from a far-off foreign land. It is labelled clearly and in large letters: "FIRE KILL". Never has pidgin English been so efficient.

DH buys the kind of cheese that is pre-sliced, with each slice wrapped in plastic, so as to infuse the delicate flesh of the cheese with the subtle flavour of plastic. The brand is "Head Cheese", meaning, one can only presume, 'top cheese', 'boss of the cheeses', etc. rather than 'putrefied and pureed brain'.


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