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Author Topic: Soooo...what brings you here? :-) *How you found this wonderful forum*  (Read 11757 times)

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Re: Soooo...what brings you here? :-) *How you found this wonderful forum*
« Reply #30 on: January 22, 2012, 05:00:05 AM »
I had set out to learn about internet etiquette, actually. I was on a rather unruly site with a forum and chatbox back then, and as such, I was trying to compose an article about things like "don't use chatspeak to a point where nobody understands what you write anymore, don't be an attention seeker to the point that people want to drag you through the screen and bash your head in, you know, common-sense lifesaving tidbits like that.

Ah well, we all know how surfing the internet sometimes takes us to places and knowledge that we were not looking for at that moment, but that was juuuust what we needed in our life. For me, on that particular day, this was Etiquette Hell. I got soooo sidetracked from my original endeavour but man, I enjoyed it, I read and read and read...

I lurked for ages before I began to actively take part, though.