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Author Topic: Weirdest Dreams You Have Had  (Read 1998 times)

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Weirdest Dreams You Have Had
« on: June 05, 2012, 11:12:51 AM »
I have had some fabulously weird dreams. I remember my dreams for ages after they have happened...something I see reminds me of my dream and I'm thinking ", but..."  :P Here's one of mine:

I am in a shop and buying a load of really bad snack food (crisps, sweets, popcorn etc). I am suddenly sitting at home eating it with DF. No sign of DS in the dream. We are then transported to my old SmallHomeTown, where there is some kind of funfair going on. There's a huge fairground ride: it's a huge circle, and you sit in the seats around the circle, facing inwards (if that makes any sense). The ride suddenly starts doing all this crazy stuff like going upside down (and I hate upside down fair rides). But when I got on the ride, I was too fat for it to go upside down because I'd eaten too much garbage food.  :( So DF was trying to get me to go to this strange yoga/dance class (?) that could make you lose 2 stone in half an hour. I refused at first but then this eagle flew overhead with my wedding dress in its claws and I suddenly decided to go for it.  ;D But then I lost too much weight and DF took me to my mother, who took me to a Doctor.  Just as I was in the Doctor's waiting room, I heard what I thought was an alarm. I remember trying to press snooze but the alarm kept going and going. I reluctantly woke up to find it was DS telling me that he'd had enough of being imprisoned in his cot.  :D

Maybe someone out there could decipher my dream for me lol! Anyone else had some strange dreams (I've had others!)? xxx
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