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From the older main site:

I don't throw parties much anymore, because of this one:

Years ago, my roommate and I were asked by a couple of friends if we'd host a birthday party for a mutual friend. We said we'd be happy to. They said they'd handle the invitations and bring refreshments, so all we needed to do was provide the space.

The day of the party, my roommate's girlfriend had a crisis at school and he went to help her with it. We figured it would be no problem since I was home. However, shortly after he left, I started to run a fever, and by the time the 'hosts' arrived, I was horribly sick. I trusted them to take care of things, so I went into my room with a pitcher of water and crawled into bed.

I dozed off, and was woken by a knock on my door. It was one of the guests, who had brought some guy with her and wanted to know if I'd vacate my bed for a while so she could have sex with him.  :o (where's the jaw-drop smiley? Seriously.) I was far more polite than she deserved in my refusal. She got huffy with me, as though I were being horribly unreasonable.  :o

I was awakened again an hour or so later when the 'hosts' knocked and told me things weren't really going the way they'd envisioned so they were leaving. I was pretty much delirious with fever at that point and didn't realize the implications, so I just mumbled something and they left. I figured I could trust our friends to behave themselves. I'll never be *that* stupid again.

Around one in the morning, my roommate got back. I heard a lot of yelling and banging around for a while, and then things got quiet. The roomie woke me up to tell me how things had played out. It seems that after the 'hosts' left, some people had decided to get the birthday girl really drunk. The party had wound up in my roommate's waterbed, where the guest of honor had vomited copiously some time after having sex with an unknown number of the other guests.  :o It was not clear afterward whether she'd been entirely aware of events at the time, but she seemed remarkably unconcerned when we told her about it the next morning. :o

We never did figure out who managed to clog the toilet so thoroughly, or with what.

The absentee 'hosts' later apologized profusely. The guest who'd tried to borrow my bed later borrowed my boyfriend. The guy who decided to get the birthday girl drunk is in prison for trying to kidnap his own girlfriend. I'm not surprised - not much of a stretch from what he did at the party! And I'm still looking for that 'better class of people' I ought to be hanging around with. I'm sure they must exist somewhere.   

Another one for the "I thought I'd seen / heard everything / just when you think people can't get any worse category." The information early in the story that the OP was sick keeps me from being too harsh on her for being clueless or spineless.

I really did want the jaw-drop icon at several places, and also wanted a cheering icon for after "I was more polite than she deserved..." I know that's it's hard for me to get out of bed, let alone deal with anything, when I'm that sick. But honestly, it's too bad no one had the sense to call the police!



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POD to infinity!

I can't imagine it would be THAT hard to find a better class of people than THAT lot...

The closest I've ever come to this is going to a "friend's" party. She threw it when her parents went away. Had my parents known there would be no adults there, I wouldn't have been able to go (it was never said that her parents wouldn't be there, looking back I should really have known they wouldn't be, but I was 16 and clueless). The host and her friends got absolutely wasted on the alcohol in her parents' cupboards and the party was crashed by a load of 18 year olds. I got scared and rang my Dad. He came to pick me up and ended up yelling at everyone to get out as the Police were on their way. I didn't drink alcohol, but several of my friends had. The kids who crashed the party made an absolute mess of the house, throwing up, breaking things...two windows were broken, the glass in the door had been smashed and the family cat ran away. I felt awful and really wished I hadn't had to see that. The girl who threw the party wasn't a great friend of mine, just a girl from my year. She was in the "popular" group and I wanted to be liked. :( It didn't work. I was mercilessly teased afterwards because I didn't drink alcohol, called "lightweight", "creep" and "weird".  In my life I have only been to one other house party, held by a real friend on Millennium New Years' Eve, it was great, all of us drank but nobody got drunk and the house was left intact! :)


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