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Re: Online reviews
« Reply #30 on: August 18, 2014, 03:57:51 PM »
The recipe reviews that bother me are the ones that give 5 stars but mentioned alllll the modifications the reviewer made. "This is a lovely cream of chicken soup. I just added X, Y, Z, and a dash of half the stuff in my spice cabinet.  Turned out great!"  Yeah, but it's not the recipe you're reviewing!
Thing is, a lot of cooks love to "tweak" recipes. encourages reviewers to mention any modifications they made. Sometimes these are good to know, i.e. if I don't want to buy creme fraiche, I'm happy to read that someone else used sour cream and it worked fine. Other times, though, I do want to know from someone who followed the recipe exactly what the result was. Fortunately, there are usually some of each type of review.

Do you ever feel overwhelmed by reviews, especially of food? It sometimes seems as though every cake recipe has something wrong with it--it doesn't rise, it's too dry, it cracks, etc., etc. That's when I go back to the recipes in actual books, where I have no idea whether everyone raved about it or if someone's picky five year old ate it.


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Re: Online reviews
« Reply #31 on: August 18, 2014, 04:40:44 PM »
I do leave reviews on and I hope that my reviews are not too mean, but if a location has really given me and my husband some bad service I do have to call them on it.  Now I do try to temper my reviews by not blaming the location (for example I gave a bad review to a hotel that lost my reservations but redeemed themselves a couple of years later when I had to stay there for a convention) but say that they could stand to improve their service.  In other words for me to give a location a one-star review, the place has to be REALLY bad and close to getting shut down by the local health or police department. 
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Re: Online reviews
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One complaint that I saw several times about a resort that we stay at every few years, is that the palm trees were "too tall" and that there were "too many" of them.  It was stated in the resort description that the resort was built on a former coconut plantation and that the pool had been built around the palm trees.  I'm not sure why the too tall palm trees bothered people and I really don't know why they were surprised at how many trees there were since the resort was built on a you know, coconut plantation!  :)

Another complaint was from a tourist who had been in the same area of Mexico at around the same time that we had been staying there.  The woman said that Mexico was far to dangerous.  She had seen the bomb squad go by her hotel at least half a dozen times during the week.

It turns out that the trucks she saw going by had the word "Bomberos" on its side.  Which apparently in her mind meant bomb, not what the Spanish word actually means which is firefighters or fire brigade (depending on the other words on the truck).  :)

For some reason she had it in her head that even though she was in Mexico, where the language spoken is Spanish, Bomberos still meant bomb squad!


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Re: Online reviews
« Reply #33 on: August 18, 2014, 08:38:27 PM »
I have over 1,000 contributions on TripAdvisor and try to be fair, but will leave a negative review if we've received genuinely poor service. 

A common theme for negative reviews that I've noticed is the people who show up hours before check-in time (as in, before check-out time for the previous night's guests) and are righteously indignant that they have to wait to get in their rooms.  One woman complained in particular about being forced to hang around the lobby with nothing to do.  This was a hotel in downtown Boston, next to a big . I'm quite certain that the hotel would have stored her luggage while she went to the Prudential Center mall, literally next door to the hotel, or walked around to see the sights.  I'm quite certain that no one from the hotel tied her to a chair in the lobby and made her wait, but she was "forced" to do so. 

The reviewers who really annoy me are the negatives ones who start their review by stating, in so many words, that all previous reviewers who enjoyed a restaurant or hotel and gave it favorable reviewers are ignorant morons who don't know what they're talking about.

DH and I decided to break up a long driving trip this spring by stopping at the halfway point, which was a motel next to a race track (harness racing).  For dinner, we have made reservations at the track's nicest restaurant, which had tiered rows of seats with views of the horse races, TV monitors at every table so you could watch races from other tracks, and a three-course prix fixe menu  for $39.99.  We had a blast.  The food was great, it was fun to watch the horse races, and we enjoyed chatting with people at nearby tables who were real fans of the sport.  The track had recently renovated the grandstand, and the restaurant had just re-opened under a new name. 

I gave it a great review on Trip Advisor -- as I said, we really had a great time.  Because it had just re-opened under the new name, mine was the first review it got.  Two weeks later, another reviewer left it a very poor review.  He and his family had had a very poor time (in part, I think, because he brought children who were perhaps too young for this particular place).  I can understand that.  Every place has an off day. 

But, what annoyed me, is that he started his review, "Where shall I begin? Obviously the previous reviewers never ate out before this".  Well, there was exactly one review before his, and my posting history clearly shows that I eat out a lot.  (Our neighbor once told us that she thought it was so sweet that DH have date night every Saturday night and go out to dinner.  We didn't have the heart to tell her that we're just too lazy to cook.)   But, yeah, he had a bad experience, so everyone else who had a good experience must be wrong. 


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Re: Online reviews
« Reply #34 on: August 19, 2014, 02:55:26 AM »
Book reviews are almost always good for a laugh. I've seen people give "Night" 1 star for "being too depressing and making them cry", but the winner seems to be the number of people who are disappointed that they cannot find the original version of The Princess Bride.
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