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Michigan - how is it pronounced?  All my colleagues but a "t" in it - Mit-chi-gan whereas I think it's Mish-e-gan.  Do different areas of the USA pronounce it differently?

I would go with MISH-e-gan.  That's always how I was taught to pronounce the name of the state. 

Judy Garland sang a song with these lyrics -

I was born in Michigan,
and I wish and wish again
that I was back in the town where I was born.
Theres a farm in Michigan,
and I'd like to fish again,
in the river that flows beside the field of waving corn.

Definitely Mish (and I also was born there)!!

It is regional, although Mish-i-gin is what the residents use :P  Kind of like O-re-gon versus Or-gin.

(I used to get teased a lot about how I said my home state - "Wisconsin" has a honk in it, if you're a native.  "wuh-SCON-sin," but the "scon" is very nasal.  I didn't realize that's how I said it until I went off to college in North Carolina!)

I don't want to hijack but I always wondered if it was only a certain select group who pronounced Wisconsin as Wis-GON-sin.


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