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USPS and tracking information

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I ordered something I can't buy in the UK from a company in Texas, USA. They sent me a note of dispatch with  a tracking number on. The shipment was sent on 1st February. It went to Dallas, TX on the 2nd, Coppel TX on the 3rd and arrived at Chigago, IL on 5th Feb. Since then my package hasn't been updated, and the status remain on "PROCESSED THROUGH USPS SORT FACILITY". Is this normal for "USPS"? I'm assuming that's the United States Postal Service but please correct me if I'm wrong.

Also, is this normal for transatlantic packages? I've never had anything small take more than a week to arrive before. I'm wondering if my package has been "lost". Does this sound likely?

I think it means your parcel has left the US postal service and they can't track it anymore. I've had things take much longer than a week.

USPS's tracking is ridiculously awful.  You tend not to get the "package has shipped" until days after it does, and then *maybe* it will update once in transit, but frequently there will be no updates until it arrives.  And that's *within* the U.S.  I don't know how long it should take, so I can't respond to that part, but I can say that I wouldn't let their tracking worry me.  Maybe it was put on a plane in Chicago, so there's no update because that's when it went overseas.  But I wouldn't be worried just because there's no update.  Do you have a delivery estimate date?

USPS is no use once the parcel leaves the US and it's a really slow way to get stuff to the UK, I'd allow at least three weeks for it to get to you.

I ship internationally several times a week.  USPS says 7-10 days after shipping for delivery.  However, that is subject to your customs offices.  I find that it takes 7-14 days most times.  Once it reaches the UK and they scan it, you can begin to track it again.  I hope this helps!  Feel free to pm me if you have any more questions.


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