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I suppose this counts, it was funny either way

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I was on a car ride with Best Friend and Acquaintance, who is very close to Best Friend as well. We were driving down the road talking about The Lion King (important later) but then the conversation changed and they started arguing. It was intense but not vicious, though each party was in I Know I'm Right mode. It was one of those awkward moments like when a couple starts arguing in front of you and you don't really know what to say.

Acquaintance was insisting that Best Friend had a particular Habit (trivial, social thing, not important) and BF was insisting that she didn't. Acquaintance turned to me and said, to prove her point, "Doesn't she have Habit, Adelaide? I know she does." I replied that if BF had Habit, I had it ten times worse and told a funny story about myself and Habit to bean dip. We laughed, but then they started arguing again, and I was pretty sure it wasn't going to stop. I feel comfortable enough around both of them to do what I did, which was to belt out "I'VE GOT A LOVELY BUNCH OF COCONUTS, THERE THEY ARE ALL STANDING IN A ROOOOOW" in Zazu's accent from The Lion King movie. That was enough to get them to stop arguing and diverted the conversation because we were all laughing too hard to say anything by the time we finished the song. It may not be e-hell approved bean dip for every situation, but it was the only flavor that worked for me this evening. xD

Mental Magpie:
Sounds awesome to me and completely E-Hell approved! Definitely sounds like something I would do.

Sounds great! I have been known to use "Look! Something Sparkly!" while pointing dramatically out the window when my brother and his wife were arguing, so it's all good to me  ;D

I think that was awesome and you handled it perfectly.
I also think that you're me.. I do exactly that, same song and everything, when the boys are fighting in the back seat. I sing the first line.. then get progressively louder with the second one if they don't stop.. so it becomes, big ones, Small Ones, SOME AS BIG AS YOUR HEAD!!
Generally by the time I get to "some as big as your head", they're distracted and want to sing along with me instead of fighting. :)


It must be something about that song, my sister does that, too.  :)


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