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Cute Pet Stories

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This is Little Kit

as you can see she likes to explore :D

You might note from the first photo that she has a magnet on her collar which allows her and only her access through her catflap. This way no smelly-silly-boy-cats can come in and steal her food.

Well, shortly after we installed the new cat flap our very nice neighbours (VNN) had a party, they told us it would be loud, go on late, and that we were more than welcome to join them and of course if we were bothered to let them know.

The next day in wanders Lil Kit with beer bottle tops stuck to her collar  ???
DH's first words were "what cruel person would stick those to her collar!?". It took a few moments for us to realise that as an avid explorer she had been sniffing around the VNNs garden after the party, but before they cleaned up, and they just stuck to the magnet 

The VNNs were mortified when we told them, but saw the funny side. (We thought it was hilarious)

Since then she's had nails, bolts, paperclips, staples and one time a spoon attached  ::)

What cute stories (and pictures  ;D) of your pets do you have?

Oh, the top picture is of her getting neck scritchies from DH after eating part of a Brazil nut because she had to have what DH was having  ::)

I have a story that goes back about 45 years. 

We had a beagle named Murphy.  Every Christmas he would receive a pet stocking with doggy treats and toys.  Murphy loved his toys but there was one he never seemed to like.  It was a green plastic suitcase.  Perhaps it had an odd scent or he found the shape boring.  Other toys were taken out on a regular basis but that one always remained in the box beside his bed -- until one day.

We were in the TV room discussing a family vacation trip.  Murphy was happily playing on the floor with a favorite toy.  All of a sudden he got up and walked out.  In a few moments he returned with the green suitcase. 

We always wondered if he knew what we were discussing. 

Lol! Love it :)

I remember once when I was younger, I was very upset about something, so I hugged my big fuzzy cat while he was sitting on the dining room table. I sort of expected him to squirm away, but he sat very patiently, purring and letting me cry into his fur.  :) He's such a lovable fuzzball.

I had a shelf at the bottom of my enterainment center that was full of books all standing up. My Henry kitty (R.I.P.) was young and running amok around my apartment when he made a beeline for the shelf, took a paw to one of the books causing it to come out from the rest of the books and settle on the floor in front of it. When I went to see what book had been pulled out from amoungst all my text books and romance novels, the title read "How to Live with a Neurotic Cat."


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