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Cute Pet Stories

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This is the picture he sent.

Edited to include a screenshot of the text message itself.  Identifying information has been obscured.

Doing a pretty good impression of a rug, isn't he?

How did your son get him moving again? (And did one of the firefights come out to see if the dog was ok?) ;)

I'm not sure how he got him moving again.  He got home about 30 minutes after that text.  From where he was, it's about 10-15 minutes walking time at a moderate pace.


--- Quote from: greencat on October 15, 2012, 09:25:36 PM ---There's nothing cuter than watching a teeny kitten pass out in the middle of doing something - I swear they're all narcoleptic.

--- End quote ---
It's even funnier when you have multiple baby animals all falling over asleep at once.   Tasha's 7 puppies would be charging around in the puppy pen in the back yard, playing; 4, 5, or once all 7 would suddenly stop running and flop over asleep.  Those that didn't participate in the mass sleep-in would try to wake up the sleepers for a  minute or two, then usually join them. 


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