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Cute Pet Stories

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--- Quote from: WhiteTigerCub on March 01, 2012, 04:46:39 PM ---I had a shelf at the bottom of my enterainment center that was full of books all standing up. My Henry kitty (R.I.P.) was young and running amok around my apartment when he made a beeline for the shelf, took a paw to one of the books causing it to come out from the rest of the books and settle on the floor in front of it. When I went to see what book had been pulled out from amoungst all my text books and romance novels, the title read "How to Live with a Neurotic Cat."

--- End quote ---

He is just gorgeous!

We had a big fluffy kitty named Chester when I was growing up. He passed at the ripe old age of 15. Chester was the sweetest cat ever. You could pick him up, sling him over your shoulder, scratch his back, and he would be a kitty puddle. He had really big paws, so when he kneaded your back, it felt really good!

We think Chester had quite a bit of Maine Coon in him. We never knew who his mom and dad were, because he appeared as a kitten on my Grandmas back porch. Of course she just haaaaaaaaaaaaad to keep him. (sis and I were awfully persuasive ;D) Chester was huge! And very poofy!

Well one day, Chester was sprawled out in my PawPaws chair. I went over to pet him, and I announced to him that I thought he was 98% hair, and 2% pusscat. Chester promptly reared his head back, and bit me square on the hand! That was the first and last time he ever bit anyone! I think I hurt his kitty feelings!  ;D

Casper and Spooky are two unrelated kitties that my parents adopted from the SPCA when I was 11 or 12. They happened to share a cage and they couldn't bear to leave one behind, so they both came home with them.

Casper happened to be a very smart cat. Spooky...well...not so much. Honestly, as much as we all loved him, he was just about the dumbest cat I've ever seen. One day Spooky was just bugging the heck out of Casper. He wanted to play, Casper didn't, and Spooky wasn't taking no for an answer.

Mom got home from grocery shopping and as usual, tossed one of the paper shopping bags on the floor for the kitties to play with. Spooky immediately leaped into the bag. Casper casually strolled over and laid across the opening, effectively trapping Spooky. Dumdum apparently couldn't figure out that he could have easily clawed his way out of the bag-he kept trying to burrow out the opening, but Casper wasn't moving.

Mom & I looked at each other and agreed that we weren't getting in the middle of their issue and went about our business.

Okay, one more.

I have a cat named Sammy. When we first got him, of course it took time for us to get to know each other, etc. After a few weeks it was clear that we were going to be a happy family.

I knew that he genuinely loved me was when I came home from work sick one day. He became so excited that I came home-during the day!-to be with him that he raced around the room, bouncing off the furniture squeaking (he doesn't meow-he squeaks), fur puffed out and purring like a maniac. He even came and slept on the bed with me, which at that time he never did. I felt so loved... :)

LOL! Poor Casper! ;D

Awww Sammy is a good kitty :)

My Bubba isnt a very loving kitty. Hes a grouch, basically. One day I came home from work sick with a stomach bug. That darn cat laid on my belly for two days until he was certain that I was going to live. I loved the sentiment, but it sure was difficult dealing with a stomach bug, and a kitty on my belly!  :P


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