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Cute Pet Stories

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Aww!  That reminded me of what my dogs used to do (when my ex and I were still together, and I had dogs plural.)

Sometimes my ex would have out-of-town events for his hobby that meant he would be gone overnight.  When he did that, one of the dogs would sleep in the bed with me, and the other dog would sleep between the bed and the door.  When they heard something outside (usually, the neighbors - this was a cute thing, not a smart one!) the dog on the bed with me would stand on top of me and face the window, barking her head off, and the other dog would stand facing out the bedroom door, doing his own thunderous barking.  They were very very clearly trying to protect me.

Golden Retrievers are great.  I am totally in love with Lebron, aka "Giant Dog".  Speaking of Golden retrievers, here's a cute shot of a Golden on the other end of the size scale.  This is the most laid back puppy ever born. For whatever reason, he loves to be on his back.  We find him nursing while on his back, sleeping on his back, everything. He's going to grow up to demand constant tummy rubs.

Delia DeLyons:
I wish I had pictures to illustrate, but alas, it happened so quick...

I poured a glass of Cupcake Prosecco (bubbly) feeling festive on a Tuesday...

As my glass rested beside me, on the table-by-my-chair; Tortie, Lucy sat on the big, round, brown leather ottoman at my feet...

The bubbles rapidly rose against the sides of the wide round glass, and Lucy's eyes showed *so* much concern.

I reached for my glass...

I swear. Lucy's orange jaw dropped against its black, speckled background.

And as I broached my lip with the lip of the glass.. Her pupils *soared* to the very edges of the socket of her eyes.  Her head cocked at so *ever* a tilt...

"You... Are going... To drink... *them*?!?!?!?"


I inherited a bunny, Lily, from a coworker who could no longer keep her. I just now caught her and one of the cats playing. She also likes playing with matchbox cars.

We have a classic cat case of "I want whatever you have."  Anything that you are eating, he wants a bite.  The funny thing is if he can get to it he doesn't care.  The funniest one was right after we'd gotten him.  My roommate (his owner) had left a stray piece of bacon out for if the cat wanted to nibble.  I had a bowl of vegan lentil soup.  Guess what the cat does?  Sniffs the bacon once, completely ignores it, and spends the ENTIRE meal time trying to get his head in so he can get a bite of my soup.


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