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Halloween party?

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Hi. Has anyone hosted a Halloween party for adults? I would love to have one. I'm thinking a costume contest with prizes and some cool food. But what else? Are there any good party games? Cool decorations? I was thinking of doing a "Guess the scary movie" game. I would have a prop out like a bottle of Chianti and a plate of liver and fava beans. Then they would have to guess it is Silence of the Lambs. I am also looking for a recipe for a spiked "witch's brew." Somehow you make the drink black and have gummy worms in it. I would love anyone's ideas.


With drinks, there are so many colours out there now it would all look pretty weird.
However, for a potent alcoholic drink, try this -
Vodka, Taboo, Blue Curacao, Orange juice and Lemonade
Its called a Juicy Lucy, and was the 'official' drink of my University, but I'm sure you could rename it something suitably spooky.
It is a fab colour..

I've had a small Halloween party a couple of years ago.  We had an Evil Dead/Army of Darkness marathon.  I made homemade Witch donuts (just homemade donuts that fry up in irregular shapes, PM me if you want the recipe) and we had warmed mead and hot spiced cider (good with rum in it).

Random thoughts:
-If pumpkin carving is too messy, you could always have a pumpkin painting contest and paint the faces on.
-Spaghetti and meatballs always strikes me as a good Halloween meal.
-You can usually buy holiday ice cube trays to make cool looking ice cubes with.
-I've seen pumpkin beer available around Halloween.
-I bet you can get some Halloween edition board games somewhere.

as far as drinks go - a friend once made something green (don't know just what was in it, but it had a lot of green liquer in it) served it in a clear bucket (he told me that it was hard to find and once he did find it, the thing went in the cupboard with the punch bowl)

dropped some dry ice and a few glow sticks in the bottom of the bucket.

called it a nuclear meltdown

There's a great alcoholic cocktail called Bloody Brain. It's delicious and easy to make, but to be effective someone will have to play bartender and make a bunch of individual ones in little shot glasses!

And there's this nonalcoholic drink that's cook and disgusting: grey and clumpy, called Brain Cell Delight:
INGREDIENTS: 1 pk (6oz) blueberry jello mix ,1 ct (16oz) small curd cottage Cheese, 1 can (16 1/2oz) can blueberries in syrup

And for adult food, I think Chinese short ribs with extra BBQ sauce would be delicious and in the party theme, as well as other things. Stuffed button mushrooms can have a sign they are stuffed eyes, Little Smokies sausages in sauce are fingers.

Decorate the table with a black table cloth, fake tombstone, candles, etc. A florescent skeleton with a black light and strobe.

To make sure you don't have too much lulls when you dont' have music, have a  separate music system (boom box) with a recording of the spooky house (wind blowing, doors slamming, wolf howling, or creepy funeral organ music) on low it will be drowned out when you pay the other system.

And get the video "Chiller" by Michael Jackson.  You can see it performed on "13 Going on 30" (2004), if you want to keep Michael Jackson sort of out of your party.  Also the "Time Warp" from the "Rocky Horror "Picture Show" is crazy fun.


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