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City "titles"

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Was thinking about this today - does your hometown lay claim to any particular title?  I grew up in "The River City," which is a laugh because it was a small town and certainly not the only place with a river, but we were 45 minutes from "The Toilet Paper Capitol of the World" which I suspect is a distinction much less frequently claimed :P

I now live in "Rocket City, USA" - logical, because we have a big NASA presence here.  All the schools are also named after various space missions (Discover, Challenger, Endeavor, etc).

I used to live in "the petunia capital of the world".

I live in "The Live Music Capital of the World."

There are other nicknames but that's the most common one. And an overly boastful one, at that -- except in about two weeks!

I'm from Motown/The Motor City and The Bayou City/H-Town.

Not a city but a state.  New York is nicknamed the 'Empire State'.  This has led to a lot of confusion.  My FIL once said the NY could no longer use that nickname because other states had a larger population.  Bill Bryson wondered if NYS had overseas territories. 

Neither of these are true.  NY is the Empire State because of the Erie Canal.  In the early days of the USA, the region west of the eastern mountains was called the Inland Empire.  Before the Erie Canal, getting there was long and dangerous.  The canal made settlement much easier.  That is why NYS is called the Empire State. 

Boston has a lot of nicknames, perhaps because it's an older city.

Athens of America
The Hub (of the Solar System) (there used to be a large bronze medallion in the street at an intersection in downtown Boston, just off the Common, proclaiming this)
The City on a Hill
The Cradle of Liberty


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