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Brits and Australians: Current Pub Hours

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I have never been to Australia and I haven't been to Britain since 1988, so I wonder whether anything has changed.

What are current pub hours and do they vary by location or day of week?  Also, what are the rules about liquor purchase?  It used to be that my city didn't allow liquor stores to open on Sundays but somehow this changed in the last year or two.

Australia here.   Do you mean what the legal opening hours are?  Because pubs themselves vary, each business owner decides when they want their business to be open.  There are some restrictions in specific locations where bars/pubs/clubs must close by a certain time or can't accept new patrons after a certain time (e.g. "2am"), this is due to issues with alcohol-fuelled violence etc where the police are trying to control it somewhat.   There are also some places where the liquor license for that specific venue has restrictions as to when they can serve or be open, for example if it were a pub in a quiet residential suburb the license might be subject to restrictions to prevent excessive noise and partying late at night. 

The rules in general are fairly liberal.  Can buy alcohol any day of the week assuming somewhere is open.  It's Sunday afternoon and DH and I popped to the liquor store earlier for some beer, and on the way passed two busy pubs (nothing like a pub lunch on a hot sunny Sunday!)  Many big liquor stores in my area will close earlier on Sundays (5pmish), but are open until 10pm/11pm etc on Thur-Fri-Sat as those are the busy nights for people to stock up.  There are usually always smaller liquor stores attached to pubs that are open very late every night, but are more expensive. 

To me the rules here seem restrictive, because I'm originally from New Zealand where wine and beer is sold in supermarkets.  I liked that because I could buy along with groceries so it was less of a fuss.  I always buy a bottle of wine at the supermarket when I'm back home visiting, just for the novelty factor!   :)

In NYC supermarkets are permitted to sell "wine product" which is only 6% alcohol, half the normal percentage.  Liquor stores can remain open until midnight; most open between 10AM and 12 Noon.

Bars cannot open until 12Noon on Sundays and are required to close at 4AM.  They can open as early as 8AM on other days of the week.  Most serve food although they can close the kitchen before midnight.  This is probably very different elsewhere in the US.

Pub licensing hours in England and Wales (Scotland always has late opening) were relaxed a few years ago from the previous close at 11 and 10.30 on Sundays. Now, pubs can buy a license to serve whenever they want, if the local council is ok. You can buy alcohol from shops in the same way.

Plenty of pubs still do the previous hours though as it's expensive for them to buy the license.

England here. I have found in Nottingham that several pubs that bought this "late license" are now struggling financially as people just don't have the money to spend to stay out until the early hours of the morning. The places that did buy the license are places where there tends to be trouble with alcohol fuelled violence, and I typically refuse to go to such places. Our local pub closes at 11pm Sun - Thurs and 12 midnight Fri and Sat. That's more than late enough IMO because after midnight you get all the drunk people. My perspective has changed a little, but I am more than happy to go out to the local for a wine or two and then go home pretty early these days.

Most of my friends agree that the "noisy" places in town are almost always trouble spots. Even when I did go out on the town, there were places I avoided like the plague.

Does anyone else find this to be true or am I on my own here?


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