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Author Topic: Facebook Friends Going A Little Political For My Taste!  (Read 9356 times)

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Re: Facebook Friends Going A Little Political For My Taste!
« Reply #30 on: March 13, 2012, 10:57:01 AM »
I agree with TurtleDove. It's clear that political discussions aren't pleasing to the OP (at least on her wall, which is understandable). However, her friends are also clearly easily provoked into starting them. If she doesn't want to set up controls to prevent it, a wise move is to remember her friends' inclinations, and try to avoid posts that will rile them up.

ALthough mentioning St. Patrick's Day shouldn't be a hot button for most people.

frankly, i'd be setting up the controls you mentioned before, Twik, so these two could no longer post.  this has happened with one friend, twice in the time frame of this thread.  i get that the communication style of many people can be somewhat acerbic.  and knowing that person in real life, it might color my judgement as to how i handled it. 

and i'd be deleting the comments to my "looking forward to St. Patrick's day" comment.  if asked, i would simply say that it was a light-hearted comment, not an invitation to debate.  if the same thing happened the next time i posted a light-hearted comment, i would de-friend.  it appears that these two enjoy debate, on just about any subject.  great.  they can debate on their pages, and leave mine alone.


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Re: Facebook Friends Going A Little Political For My Taste!
« Reply #31 on: March 13, 2012, 12:10:57 PM »
Hiya OP here.

It has been pointed out to me before on this site that it is the opinion of certain people that I in some way "babyjack" threads and also implied that I post my pictures on other people's threads. This is not so, and anyone else on my FB page would agree vehemently. I post my pictures up once a week if that and it is in a separate folder so people who choose to see the pics will see them, and if people don't like them then they are free to hide my picture posts with no ill feelings (hey, before DS, I didn't look at every picture of a baby and I don't expect others to have to!). 

Secondly, these two guys are doing the same to other people's FB pages, hence why I have "hidden" them for a while. I have not explained to them why I have hidden them, as I feel that would serve no purpose and start up a new argument and I really do not need the drama.  I just feel that staying away from them for a while will help the dust settle, as I don't want to defriend them unless I absolutely have to as they are friends IRL and I see them when I go back to my hometown.

Finally, I have chatted to other friends and family re this situation and the overriding attitude of people seems to be that these two were rude. Their style of "debate" is a little acerbic and the style of the thread was this:

"So looking forward to next weekend! St Patricks Day march and then on Sunday, it's my first ever Mothers Day!! I cannot wait!!! Anyone else doing anything good?"

Three of my other friends responded "Yeah, I'm going on that march too with LO, tell you what, do you want to meet up?" and similar comments in keeping with the thread. I was certainly not the only one taken aback with the sudden attitude, as I had numerous private messages along the lines of "What is UP with these people?" since it was not the first time they have jacked my threads. I can understand it with "hot buttons" such as certain political news stories (even ones I don't consider political as such, just news), so I tend to steer clear of everything like that these days simply because I do not want to begin that sort of debate on my wall.  I don't mind a debate, there's just a time and a place, and these things have a nasty habit of turning very personal. 
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