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DD made me laugh out loud this morning

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Backstory: I'm meeting one of DD's friend's parents on Friday as she is switching schools and her friend wanted to take her to the library and out to the arcade for a goodbye celebration. DD is 9.

The friend is of a different religion than ours and the friend talks to DD about it frequently. In the car on the commute this morning, DD asked me what I would say if other friend's mom tried to talk to me about religion or to convert me. Before I could answer the question, DD said that the only acceptable answer I could give would be,

"Ooh! Look! Pie!"

and I have also been instructed to be sure and order pie so there is a distraction. When I started to laugh, DD was yelling "Bean dip! Bean dip her!"

Yup. My 9 year old knows bean dip. Apparently, I'm training her right.  ;D - I think she is worried for nothing, but I know that part of this alternate religion of friend's family is one where they feel obligated to convert others, so it may come up.

Your DD RAWKS!!!  8) ;D


That made me laugh out loud  ;D "Ooh! Look! Pie!" Awesome.

MamaMootz's DD for the win!

I am totally stealing that line the next time I need to bean dip someone.

Do I get extra points, if the pie is a lie?


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