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S/O I'm Never Shopping There - What Businesses Will Forever Have Your Patronage?

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I used to enjoy Texas Roadhouse, but the location in Fargo, ND really turned me off to the entire chain.  I should give them another chance, but my experiences in Fargo make me too mad to enjoy a meal every time I even *think* about that place.

I wanted to see  The Hunger Games as soon as it opened because there was so much buzz about it.  As it happened, opening week coincided with spring break in the local public schools and I thought there might be a huge crowd going to see it, even for the matinee.  So, when I went to buy a ticket, I asked the cashier whether she had sold a lot of tickets for that showing because I wanted to avoid a crowd.  The cashier told me that she hadn't sold very many tickets yet but if I bought a ticket and the theater got  too crowded I could leave and they would give me a pass that I could could use to see the movie at another time.  She told me that that was their policy.   

This is always my theater of choice anyway because it is the closest to my house but I certainly appreciate knowing they have this policy.  I also appreciate this theater because they will throw someone out if he or she makes too much noise.   I've seen them do it. 


We've been having electrical problems lately, that culminated in the electrical portion of our furnace getting fried.  The company we tried (that can do both furnace and electric) were able to come by the same day I called them-a Monday, no less!  Their worker then showed up again the next day just when he said and got the whole system fixed within a few hours.  To top it all off, he discovered that a $350+ part that he and we thought was blown, was fine and didn't need replacing. 

So, an honest company that can come on short notice when they have said they would, and works  efficiently.  Yep, we'll use them again. :)


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--- Quote from: magician5 on December 06, 2012, 02:12:27 PM ---Red Robin for a meal...

I went there for the first time yesterday. I usually carefully avoid chains (ethnic 'hole in the wall' places are my favorite), and Red Robin is a very casual chain (about on a level with Denny's or IHOP) which usually I'd avoid entirely, but I had to try the "ghost pepper" burger.

I'm old and use a walker, and I tend to eat alone, and I know I don't look like any server's idea of a lucrative tipper, but they fell all overthemselves greeting me and making me comfortable, and making sure I got the most out of a menu I'd never seen before, and got out within my time limit. That server got a 30% tip on my small check, and everyone else got a heartfelt "thank you, I will definitely be back" from me.

There are better choices than the "ghost pepper burger" (it seems like a pointless novelty) but there are other choices I'll have to try, and the onion rings are wonderful, and who can argue with unlimited well-cooked steak fries?

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They do have wonderful service.  A couple of winters ago I was really having trouble with my leg and couldn't get enough leverage with my cane to get up out of the booth.  The seat was just so soft that I couldn't get my legs under me.  A busser came over and helped me get up.  Didn't make a big deal of it.  I put a $10 bill in his hand. 

Unfortunately, that location closed recently.

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I love RR for their service, too! Back when I was still going to my new moms group (run by the hospital I delivered the twins at), we would usually go out to lunch afterwards. It was a bit of a logistical nightmare-anywhere between 6-10 (or more) moms, plus kids, although I was the only one with twins. The local RR would open up a section just for us so we would have room for all our strollers, and they were always right on the money with our orders, no problem doing separate checks, and just generally going out of their way to make sure we had a great dining experience!


--- Quote from: JenJay on January 07, 2013, 09:35:43 AM ---Texas Roadhouse!

The other night DH and I had a craving for a good steak (as opposed to taking our chances grilling some at home  :P) so we went to TR. We'd been there once before and I had the best filet mignon of my life so we decided to go back. We order 9oz filets, medium, and DD orders a sirloin, medium. When the food comes out I noticed that my "filet" was only about an inch thick and oblong, in fact it looked much like DD's steak. DH's is the same and it's cooked to medium-well. He flags down our server and explains, she sends over the manager.

While all this is going on the kids are eating. There's a slight delay while we wait on the manager so by the time she comes over the kids are 3/4 finished. She agrees that the cuts we got are not filets. I've been eating on my steak, DH's is basically untouched. She offers to put two new orders in for us but we explain that the kids are nearly done and we really don't have time to wait. We ask that she remove DH's steak from the bill and correct mine to reflect a sirloin. She insists on removing both dinners from the bill, even though DH and I have shared mine, which really impressed me. We make some jokes about how, somewhere in the restaurant, another couple is raving that they've been served the thickest, juiciest sirloins of their life, and she leaves.

Here's the kicker - when the waitress brings our check the manager is with her. She sets a to-go box down, saying "I know you turned me down on this, but I just couldn't let you go home without your filet. I put the order in as soon as I left your table and asked (the waitress) to try to stall bringing you the check." She apologized again, we thanked her again, and we look at the bill - still no charge! The over cooked sirloin I expected removed, but she didn't charge us for the one I was served (and split with DH) or the filet she sent home with us! We tore into that baby as soon as we got home and it was excellent - at least two inches thick, perfectly seasoned, medium pushing med-rare. They even included an extra cup of chili as a side!

No contest where I'm going next time I want a filet!!

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We've enjoyed similar service at Outback.  We eat there fairly often because my husband earns money on a debit card for selling certain brands thorugh his job.  One of the places we can use the debit card is Outback.  One Sunday evening, we went to OB - apparently it had been slow earlier in the evening and they had let some employees go home, but it had then picked up.  DH and I both ordered a special meal deal they had (soup or salad, entree and dessert, IIRC). Service was slow due to a poorly-staffed kitchen and one of us had to have a substitution made on the soup because they were out. No big deal, we weren't in a hurry and these things happen. The manager came by and apologized and explained.  All is ok.  However, when the entrees came, they were out of the potato my husband had wanted and the kitchen had just substituted something else.  My DH didn't really say anything negative, but the server could tell he was a bit perturbed and disappointed (no garlic mashed! :'( )  Next thing we know, the manager comes back.  He ends up comping our entire meal (for 4 of us, except the alcohol, probably due to a local law) AND gives us 2 $40 gift certificates for later visits!!  We did tip the waitress on the value of the entire meal.

I think that he appreciated that we were didn't throw a hissy fit at the waitress and try to be the type of customers restaurants want to have.


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