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S/O I'm Never Shopping There - What Businesses Will Forever Have Your Patronage?

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Hanna Andersson. This company is just the. best.

They do kids' clothes, as well as a limited line of adult clothing.  The prices are high, I'm not gonna lie, but 1) they have great sales and 2) they last for.ev.er.  My almost 6-year old has 3-year old dresses she still wears as tunics, and they still look great!

My most recent experience that has me singing their praises - I stopped at an outlet during a vacation trip and picked up some things.  I washed the baby's romper and the iron on type appliqué started to peel off in chunks.  The receipt says returns/refunds/exchanges with unwashed/unworn and with tags/receipt only, but I called anyway to see what could be done.  After a VERY brief hold (less than a minute) I explained the situation to the rep.  It's a year-old pattern, and only the outlet had any more, but it's a 7-hour drive away.  On hearing that the rep took a few minutes, then came back on line to tell me she had found one in the right size, would drop ship it to me right away, and I don't even have to return this one (because the price I paid is so low).  They have to be losing money on this but they are keeping a very loyal customer, and gaining however many more I can find.

I love that company, I really do.

I love the Bay. They have the best plus sized clothes EVER.  8)

Mad Goat Woman:
I have to say there's a farm equipment store that has really impressed me. I ordered two things, a day apart, and both of them arrived within a day or two of being ordered. I'm thoroughly impressed, and I'll totally be shopping at The Farm Store Online again when I next need something.

Quill.com for office supplies and stationery - often items are here next day. And the prices are right.

I decided to dig up this thread to give Kudos to the American Airlines Arena in Miami.  My mom purchased tickets to Disney on Ice several months ago.  When she bought them, she didn't even think about my youngest son needing a wheelchair.  I assumed she had.  So, halfway down there, we realized that because the seats she bought were all the way down at the bottom (the extra chairs they put up right next to the ice), we might have a problem.  So, we get to the main garage and park.  There's a couple of elevators that get you directly into the arena, so there are ticket checkers at those doors.  We get in line at one and the ticket checker sees DS and lets us know we would need a different elevator.  The doors haven't opened yet, but they escort us to the proper elevator, where we are put on the one that goes down (instead of up), escorted through the VIP corridors, and through doors that the teams would normally use to get to the court when games are being played.  Once we were seated, the ushers made sure we had everything we needed.  I was perfectly capable of hauling myself up and down the stairs, but since both DS and my mother have mobility problems (mom isn't using a walker or cane anymore, but her ankle isn't fully recovered yet and her knee is going to be replaced as soon as her ankle is better), the ushers let all of use the court side bathrooms and ran up the stairs for mom when she needed her soda refilled.  When the show was over, they again made sure we had everything we needed and helped us navigate the crowds and led us through the (very confusing) hallways back to the elevators we needed to get back to our car.  The whole time they were smiling and eager to be of any assistance to us, and all of the other patrons.  These are the same ushers that work the games, and you know the Miami Heat games have been crazy lately, so they had every right to be tired and grumpy, but they were not. 


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