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S/O I'm Never Shopping There - What Businesses Will Forever Have Your Patronage?

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Whole Foods

Sweet Tomatoes


American Girl :)

This is a tale of a business I already loved that cemented that love with how they handled a disaster.


I had kenneled my dog, BJ, a 12-year-old Rottie mix, at my usual boarding kennel while I was out of town. The staff came in Sunday morning to find him near death in his kennel (he had bloated). He died as they were driving him to the vet clinic 2 blocks away. They called me immediately, not sugar-coating what had happened. I was scheduled to fly back in that day, landing around 3 p.m. - the vet's usual closing time on Sunday.  The kennel owner went to the vet's and bathed him and laid him out nicely in an examining room. The clinic staff stayed an hour past closing so I could see him.  I was crying so hard I almost vomited. Everyone was as sympathetic and helpful as it was possible to be. 

BJ had all the risk factors for bloat: male dog, big breed, narrow chest, elderly. It was no one's fault. But they went above and beyond in service.


--- Quote from: Ms_Cellany on April 10, 2013, 05:40:20 PM ---This is a tale of a business I already loved that cemented that love with how they handled a disaster.

--- End quote ---

The same business was just as kind with me when we had to put our Sassparilla down. I was dealing with my partner being in the hospital still, and had to handle losing my dog, too, all alone - and Sassparilla, of the two poodles, was MY baby. I have referred dozens of people to them - they were truly kind, and amazing.


--- Quote from: CharlieBraun on March 29, 2013, 11:30:20 AM ---State Farm Insurance.

My parents' car was totalled (with them in it) last Thanksgiving when we were at the beach house; they were driving to spend the holiday with us when someone rushing to the likker store crashed into them.

State Farm?  It was like they had been waiting just for my parents to call and need help.  Within an hour, they had:

the accident report downloaded from Florida Highway Patrol and the claim underway;
a car reservation made for them, with the rental place sending a person to pick up my parents and bring them to their car;
a judgement of "car totalled, here's the local dealership to go pick up your 100% paid new one in your choice of color" within 48 hours.

Most of all, they treated my parents as honored guests, with respect.

I changed my insurance to State Farm the day after Thanksgiving.

--- End quote ---

We love them too.  When we got a good amount of rain one year and high winds, our agent sent us a letter wanting to know if everything was okay. :) 

Mine is a product more so than a place.  I just started using Method products, starting with their laundry detergent and fabric softener.  SUCH good stuff.  Clothes are soft and smell good but aren't too strong in their scent. 

Then I got the dish soap.  Man is that stuff amazing for getting grease and dirt off dishes! I think I'll be getting every single product they make from now on!

Dr. F.:
Whole Foods. I was in there last weekend, and picked up a bottle of white balsamic vinegar/white truffle glaze (I'd never tried it, but it sounded awesome). I got to the checker and it wouldn't scan and wasn't in the database. I resigned myself to a longish wait as the checker talked to the manager, etc. etc. However, she gave it to me for FREE. I don't know how much it was worth (and I offered to go check the shelf!), but it was awesome that she was able to make that decision on her own.

Amazon. I've been a Prime member since they started the program. I'd never had anything delivered late until about a month ago, when my new camera (which I ADORE) didn't arrive the day it was supposed to. Totally the USPS's fault - I didn't get any mail at all that day, and I invariably get at least junk mail, so I'm pretty sure the carrier didn't even come. I emailed to inquire how I should report a late delivery, and the response was, don't worry - we've already given you an extra month of Prime. I was expecting some hoops, so that was a wonderful surprise!


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