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S/O I'm Never Shopping There - What Businesses Will Forever Have Your Patronage?

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--- Quote from: ladyknight1 on July 08, 2013, 05:50:09 PM ---I would like to request that discussion of unions not occur on this thread.

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Thank you.


--- Quote from: crankycat on July 08, 2013, 08:53:32 AM ---Homer Laughlin China, who makes Fiestaware has excellent customer service.  I have a covered casserole that I use all the time.  Unfortunately, the last time I used it, I somehow broke the knob off the cover.  I sent an email asking what type of glue could be used.  Customer service did not recommend gluing it, so they sent a new cover (at no cost to me) instead.

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That's good to know! I have Fiestware dishes and they are pretty much indestructable! i've never broken one in spite of dropping and banging them against stuff.


--- Quote from: Redsoil on July 06, 2013, 03:00:05 AM ---The other night (around 3am), I chose a design and placed an order for business cards with VistaPrint online.  Being an idiot, I accidently put the incorrect postcode on the interactive mock-up, proofed it but didn't catch it.  I confirmed the order and paid.  After printing out the design and info, I realised what I'd done.  Checked the FAQ and realised there were no changes allowed after submitting.  I did send an email asking if a change could be made prior to printing (possibly a bit SS).  However, after that, I decided to bite the bullet and submitted a new order with correct postcode and paid for it.

Today, I received a reply email,  refunding the original order cost, with a lovely screed from their customer service department, hoping my experience was good, and that the refund should be credited in a few days.  I checked and it's already back in my account!

To my mind, that's exceptional service!  I was entirely at fault, and they went above and beyond with their service.  Given this,I'd happily recommend them to anyone wanting easy, no-fuss online design for business cards and related products.  Very happy!

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Oh yes, VistaPrint is wonderful!!  My last business cards came with print that was too small to read comfortably (unless you're 18, that is), and I mentioned that when I re-ordered the cards, with bigger print.  They sent the new cards for no charge!  It was my mistake for not checking better, but they still paid for it.  I love VistaPrint.

Couldn't believe it - I ordered the cards to come by "slow post" as they weren't time sensitive.  They arrived within a week of me placing the order!  Very happy and will definitely continue to recommend them to everyone. 

I've mentioned before my favorite grocery store and its great prices, on the spot customer service and its incredibly well paid employees. Well this morning I swung by on my way to work only to see that it was closed for the day for renovations. However, at all the doors and parking lot entrances were employees sitting on chairs under shade tents with trays of cookies and a $5 gift certificate to their discount outlet store in town.

Their employees still got paid and were comfortable, I enjoyed a fabulous cookie from their bakery and a discount for my troubles.


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