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S/O I'm Never Shopping There - What Businesses Will Forever Have Your Patronage?

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Kohls. I buy a lot there. And return a fair amount, mainly because when I order online, well, you know, it doesn't always work. I've never ever had any problem returning things. I know their return policy is very liberal, but I really try not to abuse it.

Latest item: a second, very large, VERY pricy drying rack. I have one, but wanted a second. Next day, don't you know, its $40 less. Carp. So i hunt around and don't you know, they do price adjustments. So I call, and while it was a tad frustrating climbing the phone tree, the rep I had was friendly, polite, knew his stuff, and within 5 minutes, had my price adjustment in the works. Saved me another $35. wooo hoo.

And in the stores, the staff is always pleasant, and helpful. I just wish they weren't so darn liberal with their coupons and sales!

My local Morrisons supermarket was my favourite before, for a variety of reasons (it's not giant, unlike the Tesco/Sainsburys/Asda near me who all seem to have the footprint of a small nation; they do great fresh produce and meat; they have a lovely in-store café that has good food at reasonable prices...I could go on).

This is what I posted on their facebook page yesterday:

--- Quote ---I really need to comment on how well the staff at your [localtoMe] branch dealt with the fire alarm going off at 10.30 this morning. I'd just paid for my breakfast when it started...the café staff cleared the area really quickly and escorted us all into the car park - they even brought me out a chair to sit on as my disabilities mean I can't stand for very long (I'd left my walking sticks in the car as I knew that I'd manage the short distance in the café without, and it's easier to carry a tray without sticks). We were outside for about 1/2 an hour ... when it came time to go back in, and I was a bit wobbly on standing, Fi was wonderful and helped me through the "quick" way rather than me have to walk all through the store. The staff then really quickly cleared the tables, helped everyone to fresh drinks and fed us all in order! Well done
--- End quote ---

It was just exemplary customer service all round and has definitely cemented my choice of supermarket for a little while yet (that and the fact that they have offers on the products I use, and not just on "family sized" boxes or over-processed "orange food")

Publix and Old Navy. Both stores treat me, and everyone else IME, very well. I appreciate that my patronage is wanted.

Fury Water Adventures, Key West, FL.

A friend and I, along with a friend of his, purchased tickets to watch last weekend's powerboat races.  The tickets for this viewing boat included a breakfast and lunch buffet, along with an afternoon snack buffet and an open beer/wine bar.  I have a severe food allergy, and the allergen is likely to be a part of the lunch and snack buffets. 

When I boarded the boat, I approached a crew member to ask questions so I would know what I could and could not eat when the time came, and also to alert the crew in case of accidental exposure. The crew member was very nice and answered my questions thoroughly. I don't expect menus to be changed for me, but I do need to know what's on them so I can decide what food to pass on and what should be safe.   So, imagine my surprise when shortly before lunch was going to be served, a crew member approached me and asked me if I'd like certain items with my lunch.  These items were things that I'm not allergic to, but their placement on the buffet line would carry a substantial risk of cross contamination.  When I replied in the affirmative, the crew members proceeded to set up my own little mini-buffet separately from the regular buffet so that when I was ready to eat, the foods I wanted would be safe. 

I nearly fell over from shock.  That sort of stuff is really an extraordinary  effort for a single passenger.  I'd have happily bypassed those food items to insure my own safety.  Well, maybe not happily, but willingly, as I don't expect the world to cater to my needs. In this case though, they did exactly that, and even though they didn't have to, and I'd have been just fine without them doing so, the fact that they did made the day that much more enjoyable.

Lady Snowdon:
As of this week, the doggie day care (Woof Dah in MN) that we bring our dog too!  I had it in my mind that I'd made reservations for dates over Thanksgiving weekend with them, but that I had it for a day or two longer than necessary, so we called on Monday night to verify the dates and cancel any that were needed.  Apparently, I don't know when Thanksgiving is, since I'd made the reservation for the wrong days.  :-[  My DH, who was talking to them, said something like, "And you're full for the actual dates of Thanksgiving, right?".  The lady he was talking to said, "Oh, well, we are, but Smokey (our dog) is such a good boy, and we love having him come.  I'll just move the dates around.  You said you needed X day to Y day, right?  It's in our system!".  Somehow that wonderful, wonderful lady managed to get us the correct days we needed.  ;D

Also, when I took Smokey there today (not having been in since September), the lady on duty at the reception desk greeted Smokes by name as she helped me take his leash and halter off.  Smokey is a black lab mix who looks like every other black lab mix in existence, and yet somehow Woof Dah staff are able to distinguish him from the hundreds of other dogs who go there.  Why would we go anywhere else?


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