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S/O I'm Never Shopping There - What Businesses Will Forever Have Your Patronage?

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For those of you not familiar with Chuy's, it's a chain of TexMex restaurants in Texas (and some other states -- they started in Austin and expanded from there).

I have always gotten excellent service and their food is wonderful and their prices are very reasonable. Never a bad experience or even close.

It's pronounced chew-ee's, by the way. We recently had my son's rehearsal dinner there and one of the out of town guests told me she had no idea how to pronounce it. If there's one near you and you've never been, try it. Be sure to ask for the creamy jalepeno if they don't automatically bring it with the chips. And I highly recommend the Elvis Green Chile Fried Chicken.

I love Chuy's!


--- Quote ---Chick-Fil-A. I have NEVER had a bad experience there. I don't go all the time as it's not particularly healthy, but the food's always been great.
--- End quote ---

Oh, I soooo agree with this one!  I love CFA.  I love their philosophy, I love that they're closed on Sundays and I love their food (had it last night AND the night before!)  And, if you haven't tried their lemonade yet, you absolutely must.  It's so good that I bought a gallon of it last night (they sell it by the gallons, too).

I also love Central Market.  Whole Foods is good, but CM beats it hands down in every way.

I love Trader Joe's so. much. I actually look forward to doing my shopping there (whereas usually grocery shopping fills me with slight dread).

I don't know if they are sneaking happy pills into their employees food or what, but everyone just seems so darn happy there. Once my fiance and I were staring at the prepared foods case trying to decide on something simple for dinner, and an employee saw us and rushed over to recommend the chicken salad. But he didn't stop at just recommending it; he actually opened a tub of it and a loaf of bread and made us mini-chicken salad sandwiches on the spot.  :D (Yes, we ended up buying a tub of it, too.)

I've only been to Trader Joe's a few times when I was visiting New York. But they are finally going to open THREE stores here in Houston within the foreseeable future. Yippeeee! I cannot wait!

I really love Wegman's. [grocery chain]

The produce and meat are incredibly fresh, there is a gourmet bakery and a food court in my store, and many brands are carried.  The prices of the things I like are comparable to Walmart, and the customer service is supreme.

The only downside - I haven't found Alex Baldwin in there, yet.


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