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Author Topic: S/O I'm Never Shopping There - What Businesses Will Forever Have Your Patronage?  (Read 218765 times)

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Whole Foods

Sweet Tomatoes


American Girl :)
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This is a tale of a business I already loved that cemented that love with how they handled a disaster.


I had kenneled my dog, BJ, a 12-year-old Rottie mix, at my usual boarding kennel while I was out of town. The staff came in Sunday morning to find him near death in his kennel (he had bloated). He died as they were driving him to the vet clinic 2 blocks away. They called me immediately, not sugar-coating what had happened. I was scheduled to fly back in that day, landing around 3 p.m. - the vet's usual closing time on Sunday.  The kennel owner went to the vet's and bathed him and laid him out nicely in an examining room. The clinic staff stayed an hour past closing so I could see him.  I was crying so hard I almost vomited. Everyone was as sympathetic and helpful as it was possible to be. 

BJ had all the risk factors for bloat: male dog, big breed, narrow chest, elderly. It was no one's fault. But they went above and beyond in service.
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This is a tale of a business I already loved that cemented that love with how they handled a disaster.

The same business was just as kind with me when we had to put our Sassparilla down. I was dealing with my partner being in the hospital still, and had to handle losing my dog, too, all alone - and Sassparilla, of the two poodles, was MY baby. I have referred dozens of people to them - they were truly kind, and amazing.


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State Farm Insurance.

My parents' car was totalled (with them in it) last Thanksgiving when we were at the beach house; they were driving to spend the holiday with us when someone rushing to the likker store crashed into them.

State Farm?  It was like they had been waiting just for my parents to call and need help.  Within an hour, they had:

the accident report downloaded from Florida Highway Patrol and the claim underway;
a car reservation made for them, with the rental place sending a person to pick up my parents and bring them to their car;
a judgement of "car totalled, here's the local dealership to go pick up your 100% paid new one in your choice of color" within 48 hours.

Most of all, they treated my parents as honored guests, with respect.

I changed my insurance to State Farm the day after Thanksgiving.

We love them too.  When we got a good amount of rain one year and high winds, our agent sent us a letter wanting to know if everything was okay. :) 

Mine is a product more so than a place.  I just started using Method products, starting with their laundry detergent and fabric softener.  SUCH good stuff.  Clothes are soft and smell good but aren't too strong in their scent. 

Then I got the dish soap.  Man is that stuff amazing for getting grease and dirt off dishes! I think I'll be getting every single product they make from now on!
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Whole Foods. I was in there last weekend, and picked up a bottle of white balsamic vinegar/white truffle glaze (I'd never tried it, but it sounded awesome). I got to the checker and it wouldn't scan and wasn't in the database. I resigned myself to a longish wait as the checker talked to the manager, etc. etc. However, she gave it to me for FREE. I don't know how much it was worth (and I offered to go check the shelf!), but it was awesome that she was able to make that decision on her own.

Amazon. I've been a Prime member since they started the program. I'd never had anything delivered late until about a month ago, when my new camera (which I ADORE) didn't arrive the day it was supposed to. Totally the USPS's fault - I didn't get any mail at all that day, and I invariably get at least junk mail, so I'm pretty sure the carrier didn't even come. I emailed to inquire how I should report a late delivery, and the response was, don't worry - we've already given you an extra month of Prime. I was expecting some hoops, so that was a wonderful surprise!


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I agree about Amazon and Whole Foods. I'd like to add One King's Lane, a kind of discount online shop for antiques,furniture, furnishings, art and jewelry. Their prices range from about $6 on up to $35,000.

I ordered an outdoor mat for the front door. It appeared to have a very pretty image of ripe apples in a basket in front of an orchard. When it arrived I smelled it before I saw the package. The mat turned out to have what I believe was a petroleum-based backing and it was horrible. Horrible! I left it outside for a week but it never even lessened so last Thursday I stuck it in the trash can figuring it best to just get rid of it. But the next day I decided to email the company and tell them about my experience because they should know how poor it was. I certainly wasn't expecting anything nor did I ask for anything. (After all, I no longer had the item.)

Within a few hours they emailed me to apologize, to tell me they had issued a credit in full (including the shipping, a total of just over $20) and would also issue me a $15 credit. I emailed the contact person, thanked her, and asked her not to give me the extra credit because I felt that I did not deserve it. We emailed about it several times, but ultimately she honored my request. I was super pleased just to not be out the money for the order, and my respect went up several notches!


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Fresh Market- yes it costs more, but I love them! 

LL Bean- Love the store, love the catalogue, love the online. 

Nordstroms- Amazing customer service!

Neiman Marcus- My gal in the shoe dept calls me when she gets in things she thinks I might like, she is right about 85% of the time.

Tiffany & co.- I've never had a bad experience with them.  They always go above and beyond for me.

Goodyear Tire- there are two locations I frequent in different states.  Love these two shops, the guys are always honest with me and pretty spot on with their quotes.


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Fresh Market- yes it costs more, but I love them! 


I second this. I just wish there was one near me! my mom has one and she loves it.

And not so much for me, but my mom. Harris Teeter. My mom (as I've mentioned before) is in a wheelchair. she is very indepdent though, and can do many things wihtout assistance. She can grocery shop for just a few items, but when she needs more, she will go to HT, and they will have an employee follow her with a cart, as she does her shopping. And every store in her area also brings the groceries out to the car for customers!  I wish we had that here in NJ.
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I haven't read all of these, but I want to throw in my few. Table Top Games, near where I live. I go in with other people all the time, and one time I was talking about how I needed a new D20 for my D&D character's pet, and the people let me try ones out and gave me one for free. I can also ask them about any board or card game and they'll either have it in stock, order it, or direct me to something else I might like.

Bass Pro Shops is another one I'll stand behind. You can go into any location and get whatever you need. The people working in those stores care about what they're doing and will go above and beyond to make sure you're getting EXACTLY what you need rather than making a sale. I wanted a new camp oven and instead of selling me the one of the biggest and most expensive ones, they found out what I'd be using it for and told me which would be the best for it. They're always great folks wherever I go.

QuikTrip will forever have my patronage. I've never had a problem with their gas, their food is always among the best of gas station foods nationwide, and the employees are always friendly. I've never seen a mess that wasn't actively being cleaned.


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POD Amazon, Nordstrom, and Trader Joe's...

I'm also a semi-regular at three local vegetarian restaurants: one is a cybercafe specializing in veggie hot dogs; another is a diner that makes the best seitan-steak-and-tofu-scramble breakfast EVER; and the third is a pub with a great tempeh-lettuce-and-tomato (TLT) sandwich.  (And nobody looks twice at me when I order a Diet Coke instead of one of their flavored vodka drinks!)

The cybercafe owner has actually become a good friend of mine.  I've been going there ever since it opened, and the long-term employees all know me.
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Hmm - I could think of a lot of places around here (I'm in a very friendly area), but I'll stick to one for now.

Our local Ulta (makeup store/salon) is utterly AMAZING. I know pretty much nothing about makeup, I'm not very fashionable or pretty or the type who looks like I'm prepared to spend hundreds of dollars on making myself look good, and this combination usually leads to employees of any sort of makeup store giving me the hairy eye and then ignoring me as much as they possibly can. Honestly I was expecting the same thing when I went into Ulta, but I was pleasantly surprised - I was greeted immediately, the first saleslady I spoke to spent a good five minutes talking out with me what exactly it was I wanted to look for, and when I told her I tend to break out when I wear certain kinds of makeup, she recommended several brands for me that generally don't give those sorts of problems and called over the saleslady who was covering the section that had those brands to help me find something. This second saleslady then spent almost an hour with me picking out makeup that would flatter me, explaining how to apply it, and then giving me a free makeover with the colors I'd selected just to give me a general idea of what it'd look like.

I loved it. I bought everything she recommended. And I keep going back and buying more just for fun. I think I have a problem. :)

(For the interested, the specific brands I buy now are Urban Decay and Benefit - they're great! They don't wear off easily, they don't make me break out and they're actually fairly decently priced.)
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I like Ulta as well and was so pleased when we got one in town, as a friend of mine had raved about them.  :)

I like the hairstyling products they have and got a bottle of hairspray that doesn't make my hair stiff or sticky. (Kenra, if anyone's wondering)
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Sephora is my favorite. You should also subscribe to the Urban Decay website as they offer great deals a few times a year.
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  • formerly RebeccainAR may have been mentioned a zillion times, but they deserve it - and they proved it again today!

I'd bought, in January of last year (over a year ago, which is their standard return window), a really adorable pair of flats. They have little bows on the front, and I'd worn them only a few times over the last year and a half (mostly because I generally wear orthopedic shoes, thanks to my back). When I wore them today, one of the bows fell off altogether. :(

I wrote to them, mostly just to say "might want to rethink this brand", as the shoes were discontinued and not replaceable - and for pete's sake, I'd had them for 17 months!

What did I get back (in a matter of a couple of hours)? A polite apology, instructions to donate or discard the shoes, as I chose, and a refund to my account with them. Yes, really.

I won't buy shoes anywhere else if I can help it. AMAZING service!


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Not sure if it's been mentioned yet - CafePress. Not only do they have any kind of T-shirt you could possibly want, but they also have great customer service. I somehow accidentally ordered the wrong size and contacted them to ask how to exchange it. They responded that they'll send a new shirt in the correct size and I don't need to send the other one back! Very nice, considering the size mix-up was my error and not theirs.
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