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Author Topic: S/O I'm Never Shopping There - What Businesses Will Forever Have Your Patronage?  (Read 88033 times)

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Not sure if it's been mentioned yet - CafePress. Not only do they have any kind of T-shirt you could possibly want, but they also have great customer service. I somehow accidentally ordered the wrong size and contacted them to ask how to exchange it. They responded that they'll send a new shirt in the correct size and I don't need to send the other one back! Very nice, considering the size mix-up was my error and not theirs.

I have ordered from them 4 - 5 times and have never had a problem.  I forgot about them.  Great service!
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Hmm - I could think of a lot of places around here (I'm in a very friendly area), but I'll stick to one for now.

Our local Ulta (makeup store/salon) is utterly AMAZING. I know pretty much nothing about makeup, I'm not very fashionable or pretty or the type who looks like I'm prepared to spend hundreds of dollars on making myself look good, and this combination usually leads to employees of any sort of makeup store giving me the hairy eye and then ignoring me as much as they possibly can. Honestly I was expecting the same thing when I went into Ulta, but I was pleasantly surprised - I was greeted immediately, the first saleslady I spoke to spent a good five minutes talking out with me what exactly it was I wanted to look for, and when I told her I tend to break out when I wear certain kinds of makeup, she recommended several brands for me that generally don't give those sorts of problems and called over the saleslady who was covering the section that had those brands to help me find something. This second saleslady then spent almost an hour with me picking out makeup that would flatter me, explaining how to apply it, and then giving me a free makeover with the colors I'd selected just to give me a general idea of what it'd look like.

I loved it. I bought everything she recommended. And I keep going back and buying more just for fun. I think I have a problem. :)

(For the interested, the specific brands I buy now are Urban Decay and Benefit - they're great! They don't wear off easily, they don't make me break out and they're actually fairly decently priced.)

LOVE Urban Decay eyeshadow. My favorite colors are smog adn mildew. hehehehe Just wish my allergies would ease up so i can start wearing eye makeup again.


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I love both Ulta and Sephora.  I go to Ulta mainly because of the wide variety of hair products.  I go to Sephora because they specialize more in makeup.  Both places I've encountered helpful people instore as well, and both places have nice things for rewards with points you get from buying things.

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I nth Amazon; I love that place!  Last year, I was trying to buy my uncle a couple pairs of running socks.  I accidentally bought one correct pair, and one pair of women's socks.  I emailed Amazon, and even though it was technically my fault (I hadn't realized I was buying women's socks, but I did click ok and place the order), Amazon gave me a full refund on the price and sent me a label for free return shipping! 

Also, I love the website that I buy soapmaking supplies from:  Their customer service is FANTASTIC.  I ordered a bunch of stuff from them, including some colored mica.  One of the containers cracked open and spilled mica all over everything else while in shipping.  I called customer service and they not only sent me a replacement container, they told me to call them if anything else had been damaged or stained beyond repair and they would replace those items as well.  No questions, or demands for pictures to prove the damage or anything.  I had also called their customer service when I couldn't get a coupon to work.  It turned out that it was a one time use coupon, but they still gave me the discount when I asked about it. 


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Another one for Amazon here.  I've written previously of some issues I'd had with my Kindle - they replaced it for free (no shipping costs either, and this was to Australia).  The online chat service is amazing, and the rep. was extremely helpful.  Amazon just do things right!

Also, Metagenics (health supplements).  Rang the other day with a question from a patient, had a comprehensive answer from a specialist within a minute (literally!) and they then followed up with an informative fax, tailored to the particular situation.  Any time I have to phone for info I can't find in the practitioner book, there is no waiting on the phone - all queries are dealt with in minutes.  Extremely good service, and fast shipping of products as well.
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First Watch restaurants. I love their food, the healthy options and breakfast or lunch served any time they are open. I enjoy their 12" pancakes, and that you can customize your toppings (banana, blueberries, and pecans). I will keep going there for lunch and breakfast.


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I had the fortune of dealing with a lovely eBay seller this week!

I ordered a set of 3 pairs of earrings. Butterflies, with different coloured stones inset - clear, pink and blue. When I received them, I noticed that one of the stones on the blue pair was loose, and after removing the earring from the packaging, the stone fell out entirely. I emailed the seller, offering to send the damaged pair back for a replacement.

Instead, yesterday morning, I received another full set! (Clear, pink and blue) with a note apologising for the inconvenience!! :D

I'll definitely be using them again.


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Now, I must admit that I have ordered only once from Scottevest.  As pleased as I am with my travel vest, I don't know if all their products are as good, or their service as efficient.  However, I must give them credit for their response to Abercrombie and Fitch's openly admitted snobbery.

As some of you know, the Abercrombie and Fitch CEO essentially said that he wants only pretty people wearing his clothing line; the ugly and poor aren't welcome in the stores.  Scottevest's CEO's response is not only to state that his company wants customers who value brains over beauty, but they will be experimenting with larger sizes.

Press release:



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I also love Hampton Inns, have never stayed at a bad one. And now they ALL have waffles for breakfast and cookies in the evenings!

I also like Puritan's Pride for vitamins - they make almost all the products they sell, their prices are fair and low (they don't shift prices around for different sales) and they do umpteen kinds of tests to make sure the pills are safe and effective.


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We're getting a new roof put on our garage.  The old roof is wooden shakes.  The roofers showed up this morning and got the shakes off and the roof weatherproofed, and when they were done I saw the crew on their hands and knees picking up little pieces of wood that had fallen off the tarps they put down to catch debris.

It also made it very pleasant that they all seemed to get along and enjoy their jobs; they were chatting and laughing together as they worked instead of looking like working on my roof was the worst thing to happen to them all week.

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I was reminded again last week why we always stay at Embassy Suites when budget/location allows.

Traveling with DP in her chair and with Schroder the wonder-service-dog, we encounter everything from the manager at McDonalds in Arkansas that didn't understand that there were service dogs besides seeing eye dogs, and we finally had to just tell him, yes he's a seeing eye dog (at six pounds, and BEING CARRIED!) to people that don't want to 'disturb us' but spend half our meal standing behind DP's chair whispering about the cute doggy! (I'm looking at you, Cracker Barrel in Chattanooga). It's funny what the reactions we get are.

The Embassy Suites folks? On check in, thanked me for telling them what his alert sign is in case there was an emergency while I was not in the room but DP was. At breakfast, found us a table to the side, helped me get food so DP could stay in one place with Schroder, and winked broadly when suggesting that we might want 'an extra helping of eggs and bacon, to go' when we mentioned that the dog loved them. The manager at the evening reception was even sad when I went down, alone, to get us drinks - he said he wanted to see the sweet little pup again, since it was our last night. They made travel with a service animal a pleasure! They also opened doors, held elevators, brought us towels and extra soap with a smile, no trouble, and even called up to check if housekeeping had in fact delivered the items.

We used to travel a lot, and now look like we'll be doing it more often, now that DP is getting better. is bookmarked with a star, for future bookings.


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That is wonderful. Can you PM me some information about training a service dog?


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One of my local Panera Breads. I usually stop by a few times a week for lunch, but went in for breakfast one day. My card was declined (due to a bank error) and I didn't have another way to pay. The woman working there waved it off and comped my breakfast for me rather than sending me away. I was near hysterical at the lack of funds, but she calmed me down and got me going well enough to figure out everything else. Whenever I have a choice I will be going back there.

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One of my local Panera Breads. I usually stop by a few times a week for lunch, but went in for breakfast one day. My card was declined (due to a bank error) and I didn't have another way to pay. The woman working there waved it off and comped my breakfast for me rather than sending me away. I was near hysterical at the lack of funds, but she calmed me down and got me going well enough to figure out everything else. Whenever I have a choice I will be going back there.
A couple of years ago I wanted to get breakfast at Panera but got there a few minutes after they stopped serving. The cashier told me she couldn't sell me the soufflé I'd wanted but that she would be happy to give it to me since it couldn't be sold.  I don't line near a panera currently but I visit them whenever I get the chance.


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I haven't shopped there (yet), but I came across this amazing story this morning on the blog The Improvised Life. Seems she needed a patio table and has been considering one for months. Finally she decided on one but alas it would have to be ordered. Read the story of her experience with this amazing company: