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Monkey Maker:
I left my almost 4 year old to brush his teeth before nursery yesterday morning while I brushed his brothers teeth as he's not quite one yet.  Monkey one came up to me to tell me he was finished so I asked for his toothbrush to put it away.

Monkey 1:  I brushed my teeth!

Me:  Yep, they look lovely and clean!  Well done and can I have your toothbrush?

Monkey 1:  My toothbrush is green.

Me:  It is, can I have it please?

Monkey 1:  My brothers toothbrush is orange.

Me:  I know it is.  Can I have yours please?

Monkey 1:  Here are my shoes!  I'm going to do a painting at nursery and have snack.

Me:  I give in!

My husband and I were rather amused!

That's really cute!

Reminds me of the time I brought DD2 into work to show her off the day before returning from maternity leave (a tradition in my worrkplace).  A couple of coworkers asked DD1 how she liked having a little sister.  Her response was, "I'm 4!"   ;D


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