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I thought this was best placed here instead of under a money-related thread as the answer everyone has given to this event has been complete silence.Which is not only the only response any of us could possibly give to this, but likely the best.

The other day I, along with other friends, received a facebook event invite from a buddy of ours. No words can really explain this any better then seeing it for yourself(click to enlarge);

A bit of background;
Buddy here is 28 years old, and renowned for not looking for work, being incredibly lazy, and making incredibly poor choices on where to place his cash. In the past friends have lent him money and either never been repaid or had to constantly keep at him to get it back. It got to the point where a few friends flat out refuse to loan him money. Very often others will speak about him being an incredible moocher outside of money related things.

A famous example of this was when attending a party where everyone will be drinking and being told he MUST find his own ride home since everyone was going to be spending the night instead of trying to go driving. Buddy showed up, dropped off by family, and immediately went around the party asking for rides home when he would be ready to go. The party host (a good friend of his) told him right then to call his ride immediately and go home because everyone had already been drinking and no one was in any state to be giving him rides home in the middle of the night.(Everyone who was attending was either close friends or family, and they where told before hand that they where all welcome to stay the night so no one would possibly be on the road New Years eve after drinking). Buddy was angry, but had been told numerous times leading up to the party that absolutely no one would be available to drop him off at home so late at night, and that everyone was going to be drinking that night. He still showed up expecting everyone to drop what they where doing at the party to arrange for him to go home. It is extremely common for him to pull similar 'stunts' of moocher-dom that can extend outside of monetary ventures.

The photography classes he is talking about refers to his relatively new 'business venture' of his doing poor quality, amateur,and borderline fetish photography of 'women's wrestling' style photo-shoots (the women are dressed in one piece bathing suits he purchases at dollar store-like businesses), he has stated previously if these photo's sell well (they have not) he might do underground pornography as well. This man does not own his own car, he lives at home still, and cannot hold a job long enough to make enough money to afford these extras like college classes, the expensive camera he bought (another friend is indeed a photographer and is finishing classes soon. He bought a camera 'as good as' or 'better' then what she was using because he felt like he had to beat her), and all the rest of these unnecessary extras.

He is indeed, drowning in debt with no plans to pay it off should he get the money to do so.  He held a 6 month job at the bowling alley which he did not save any money at and used it for his photography-of which he is not making any money off of. Again-this money venture above is for him to pay for photography classes,not for him paying off the mountains of debt he owes or trying to get on his feet. He is asking his friends to pay for his hobby for him. (I believe he actually owes some friends money for different things over the years)

It's been around a week since he sent out these invites and not a single person has responded with a yes or no to attending, commented on the page, or mentioned this to him at all. A few of us spoke about it at a party and just had to shake our heads.The majority of us stated we planned to simply stay silent, what could one possibly say to such a thing!?

I love it when a group responds to an outrageous request with silence, but it seems there's always one person who has to speak up eventually and then others follow. 

Please keep us updated.  I really want to know if anyone gives this guy money and what his responses are, one way or another.

I have to say I'm a little disappointed to find out that this type of fundraiser isn't a money maker. You see, I want to go to San Francisco, and I would be willing to sacrifice a weekend to sit on the couch and watch all six seasons of Sex and the City PLUS both movies if someone would sponsor me.  :P ::) 8)

I think the way y'all are handling this is great, but you do understand that when he can't realize his dreams of becoming the next Larry Flynt, it's going to be all your fault, right?

Question: How is this any different than sponsoring someone in a "Walk for ...."?


--- Quote from: artk2002 on March 18, 2012, 09:58:02 AM ---Question: How is this any different than sponsoring someone in a "Walk for ...."?

--- End quote ---

Money going to charity (especially one which saves lives) vs going to one person doing something not life or death?


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