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What's your favourite city in the whole world?

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Tilt Fairy:
After I finish University in June, I will have nothing to do (apart from job hunt). I recently got a little tax rebate and if I was sensible, I'd use it to pay off some credit card debt but as I'm not sensible, I'd love to use it to do a little exploring and see something new. When I go abroad, I'm more a fan of visiting just one city at a time and exploring it thoroughly - really emersing (is that a word?) myself in it and discovering what it has to offer. I just can't decide on where to go.

So I ask you ehellions... what's your favourite city in the whole world? If you had to recommend just one city to someone, what would it be? Can you tell me a bit about why you've fallen in love with that city so much. When giving any recommendations, pretend travel costs, language barriers, how expensive the place is etc... aren't issues. Pretend the person you are recommending it to is an able-bodied, multilingual millionaire who has unlimited time. I just want to hear your complete unadulterated opinion on what city you love the most.

I know it's really hard but try to pick just one!!!  ;)

It's a hard decision for me between Barcelona and Madrid.  Both are fantastic cities and both have wonderful things to recommend.  What I love most though is the Spanish people.  They are open hearted, loud, fun, and always willing to chat with a strange girl who is sitting by herself reading in a bar.  I have made so many friends in my travels to Spain just from going out and saying hi.

I love love love the country and I love love love those two cities

Tilt Fairy:
...and the Spanish men aren't exactly sore on the eyes either eh?


--- Quote from: Tilt Fairy on March 24, 2012, 09:18:59 PM ---...and the Spanish men aren't exactly sore on the eyes either eh?

--- End quote ---

...or any other parts for that matter  >:D

This is a hard one.  My favorite city in all the world to visit was New Orleans, for the food, the architecture, the music, the Mississippi, the history, the walkability and the surprises around every corner.  The thing is, I haven't been there for twelve years and i do not know what it is like now for a visitor.  Perhaps some other ehellions who have been there recently could comment. 


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