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It's Batman!

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Other DC eHellions may have seen this story, but I just love it.

Batman was pulled over in DC recently for not having a license plate on the Batmobile.  A couple of reporters decided to find out who this guy was, and why he'd turned his car into the Batmobile.  And dressed up like Batman.  The ensuing story is below, and it's really heartwarming.  Kudos to the guy for using his money to help make children's lives happier.

WOW. What a wonderful story!  Thank you so much for posting it!



... i have no words so i am going to repeat Hobish... AWWWWWW!

That is fantastic.  I really love that his son sometimes is Robin.
The best is the little boy whose mom took him out to see the car and her answer when the little guy wanted to help Batman fight bad guys.  (Yup, go read the story)

Oh and my need for kleenex...spring allergies are early this year...really.


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