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Co-worker's e-mail to Supervisor

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I think any number of possible scenarios could be at play here, ranging from the co-worker being entirely innocent to the co-worker being entirely guilty.  Her complaint might be fully valid, or it might be that she's just a whiny special snowflake.  Or anything in between.

The problem is that we can't tell from her email because it was so badly worded.  I think this aspect of it needs to be addressed no matter what.  Even if her complaint is valid, she needs coaching on how to sound professional in emails and communicate clearly.

In any case, whenever there is confusion about your job, I think it is appropriate to discuss that with your boss.  I think the co-worker had the right to bring up whatever it was (unless it's already been discussed ad finitum) and have things explained to her if she's feeling wrongly slighted, or have things fixed if she's actually correct. 

The problem was her wording and I wish the boss could have looked past it and not gotten so mad.  That was unprofessional also, I think.


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