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Secrets from a Baker

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Thread created to transfer knowledge of baking practices, tips, and tricks. Please feel free to post your questions

I love apple pie.  My apple pie middle is delicious, and the top crust crisp and flaky.  But the bottom crust - yuk!  Never tastes cooked, most times it's gummy. 

What can I do?  Change my pie crust recipe (2 cups flour, 2/3 cup shortening, 1 teaspoon salt, and 6 tablespoons ice water)?  I've thought about pre-baking the bottom crust prior to filling - do you think that would work?

I would definitely recommend pre baking for about 7-10 min. 

Also make sure that the bottom crust is not too thick .  It needs to be able to hold all of that yummy filling, but you don't want it so thick that it doesn't bake at all.

Good luck

I am so excited you started this thread!  ;D

Do you have any tips on getting a cheesecake not to crack?


--- Quote from: Foureyesonemouth on April 12, 2012, 09:50:16 PM ---I am so excited you started this thread!  ;D

Do you have any tips on getting a cheesecake not to crack?

--- End quote ---

Yes, but I have to admit the mine do still have small cracks.

1.) Add your eggs to your batter last, and mix minimally after they are added. Beaten eggs create lots of air pockets and can lead to cracking.
2.) If your aren't, spray your cheesecake pan with non-stick coating. Adhering to the sides can lead to, or make cracks worse.
3.) Humidify the oven. If you have a roasting pan or some other metal pan you can leave in you can fill it with water when you first put your cheesecake in.

4.) I have never tried this, but I understand some people retain some of the batter and fill the cracks and bake a little longer. The cracks I get are so small I've never felt any need to do this.


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