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Author Topic: Taking time off work for medical reasons and a coworker complaining. Update 106!  (Read 97472 times)

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Yay! Yes, be sure to take it very very easy - now is the time to heal, not injure yourself due to over-enjoyment of the absence of pain. :-)
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Wonderful update, and so happy for you!  Definitely give yourself time and permission to heal well and fully before returning to work or physical exertion.
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Glad it all went so well!  However, be really careful not to push yourself too soon.  Even with keyhole surgery, there can be a risk of adhesions, and you really don't want those (veteran of adhesion ops here).  And unfortunately, adhesions are the gift that just keeps giving.  So, if you're doing heavy lifting, make sure you have sufficient time to heal, and be careful when you go back to work. 
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Such wonderful news!!!!!  I am so happy for you.
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There is nothing like that first moment of feeling better after you've been ill or in pain. It's like heaven! Congrats on a successful surgery and good thoughts for quick healing!!
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I went hiking a couple of weeks after surgery, and even though I felt fine, the not dissolved yet stitches poked out and rubbed against my clothing so I had to cover it with a large band aid.  I now have a larger scar where the rubbing occurred, but not a big deal. 
So, that is to say, take it easy and be super careful.

Glad you are on the road to recovery, and that you have answers!!

You will truly have a wonderful new year to begin!
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I'm so glad you're feeling better!
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Whoo hoo! Glad you're feeling better, OP! :D
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I'm glad that it went well, and I hope you heal quickly.  Don't push yourself too hard too fast and good luck with your coworker when you get back.


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Glad things turned out well for you. I had similar surgery a few years back.

I have one piece of advice to yourself and anyone else having similar surgery - do not, under any circumstances, watch anything or read anything remotely funny (especially British comedies!). It tends to hurt like the dickens when you laugh!  :)