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Author Topic: Taking time off work for medical reasons and a coworker complaining. Update 106!  (Read 96416 times)

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Outdoor Girl

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I'm sure everything will go well tomorrow.  A good Christmas present for you.   :)
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You've got good thoughts, hugs, and prayers - along with a virtual hot chocolate. I'm so glad this is finally getting handled!
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You are an amazing lady who has had to endure far too much this year. I'm sending energy for the best possible procedure, outcome and aftercare. Soft tummy pillows and cheerful company (of many sorts, including books and music) to you.

And I foresee a spectacular 2013 as you adjust to that novel treat---Life Without Pain.


gramma dishes

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Ditto Jen Jay and everyone else!

What Calypso mentioned will be the best Christmas Present of all -- freedom from pain.  Can't beat that! 

We'll all be thinking about you! 


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Sending virtual good thoughts, white light, healing vibes, happiness, good TV shows or decent DVDs, whatever it takes to help you out.


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Sending best wishes, and looking forward to hearing of a wonderful outcome!
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Semi-lurker me is coming out to wish you well.  Here's to a pain-free 2013!


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Many good thoughts for a smooth procedure and easy recovery


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Lots of thoughts and prayer coming your way!


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Best wishes for a steady recovery.  Glad you will finally be getting some relief.


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Sending best wishes from Australia.....


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May you have an excellent surgery and a speedy recovery. *hugs*


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Yes, I'm keeping my fingers crossed for you! All the very best,

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Good thoughts and hugs - and a pain-free 2013!!!! :)
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Good luck today!!!!!!    :)
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