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Author Topic: Taking time off work for medical reasons and a coworker complaining. Update 106!  (Read 97480 times)

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Best wishes to you, that everything goes well and that you will be feeling better soon!


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Well, I'm back home, and I'm feeling just amazing!

They were able to do the surgery laproscopically (there was a huge chance I was going to have to be opened right up) And I've just got 5 little incisions in me. I'm hurting, but the pain now, versus the pain before is just night and day. I can handle this pain. It's the pain of healing.

It turns out that it was a endometrial cyst, and it was adhering to everything in my lower abdomen, which my surgeon told me explained why I was in such constant pain. As she put it "Once I saw that, all your pain issues just made complete sense."

I was just in overnight, and was "sprung" the next day. I'm covered in Bruises (there was one failed I.V. start that ended up leaving a huge bruise on my arm, and 2 heperin injections that messed up my arm, and the incision bruises,) but beyond that, I feel fantastic. My stomach isn't swollen out from the cyst anymore, I don't need a cane to walk - 2 days after abdominal surgery, and I walk normally!

I just want to again thank everyone here. The advice in the beginning of this all, the comfort and support as times got dark, and the human compassion that was in every word really touched my soul. I don't think I could have gotten through this without you all, and for that, I will be forever grateful.

I'll be heading back to work in a month (heavy lifting is my job, I want to make sure I'm completely healed!) And then my little saga will be over. 10 months of pain, is just gone. I cannot believe it took this long to get me to this point, but if I learned anything along the way (and I learned a ton, believe me!) It's that you can't give up on yourself. Just because one person pushes you down, and makes you feel worthless, it doesn't mean that you are. Their perception of you means nothing. It's only what you feel about yourself that matters. I know I'm worth it. I'm worth healing, I deserve to feel good, and I believe I'm worth everything in the world!

Again, thank you. Thank you all.

P.S. If anyone ever has any questions about lapro- surgery, feel free to ask!


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What a delightful update, ebrochu!  I'm so glad that everything went so well for you, and that you feel so much better already! 

Be sure that a month is sufficient to heal - you have been through a lot. 


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What wonderful news!  Best of luck with your recovery.


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I am so glad everything went so well for you.  Isn't it amazing how surgery can be done now and how great you can feel after it!?!

Just make sure to keep on taking it easy, despite how great you feel.  Take that month and get totally better.


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So so happy for you! I know what it feels like to finally get better after a long period of soul crushing pain, and it's the best feeling ever! (((HappyHugs)))
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I had laproscopy surgery a month ago (I'm assuming not as bad as you as only had a few adhesions and my uterus had already healed before the problem was worked out) I did go back to work too soon really, but within 8-9 days I felt back to normal with just the odd twinge now and again.  Stitches dissolved after 3 weeks, so glad you are feeling better now but don't over do it


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I had a lapro exploritory a few years ago - laughing may be sore for the next few days!
Also I found the surgery or the anasthetic meant I was a bit emotionally random for a month or so - just to reassure you youre not going crazy if you suddenly cry your eyes out over nothing! :D


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What wonderful news! Take good care of yourself and recover well!

All the best,

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Yay! Great news!
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I'm so glad for you! I would suggest that, if you do heavy lifting, you talk to your doctor about when it's appropriate to go back to work. 

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Best new ever!  What a difference a day makes,  huh?   :D

Take care of yourself for the next few weeks. And you're right.  You are SO worth it! 

Edited because I can't spell.  Meant to say "Best news ever!" but since I'm sure you feel like new, maybe it is a forgiveable slip!   ;)
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Very happy for you. 


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So glad the pain is less and you're feeling better!