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I think weight loss is a subject that your doctor and nurse have the right to bring up if they feel it's warranted.  A nurse making such a suggestion isn't the same thing as a friend or acquaintance making such a suggestion.

I'm not necessarily saying that you look like you need to lose weight.  But even 10 pounds sometimes makes a difference with diabetes and your nurse is one of the two people who get a pass on bringing it up.

I do not look overweight, but that's because I carry my weight all over.  I can get up to 200 pounds before I move into plus sizes and start actually looking very overweight to other people.  Still, the nurse suggests weight loss at every annual physical, because the fact is, I need to lose 30 pounds to be in the healthy range for my age/height/body type.  She is not rude to do so, neither would I feel I have a right to be offended when she invariably makes her annual suggestion.

I had the same type of nurse thing and I felt really uncomfortable with it.  The nurse called once per month and I felt interrogated and monitored.  I stopped taking the calls bc I didn't know This person and felt uncomfortable.  I.freely discuss with my doctor or nurse at the clinic but not a.stranger on the phone. 

I am glad it worked! However, in this case, it might have backfired on you, since it could have been an opening for "the evils of weight on your health" lecture.

Sparksals, I am sorry you felt so badly about this kind of ongoing followup. For a lot of people, it is very helpful and it can be a good kind of accounting for goals.


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