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am i allowed to.... offer free coupons for US folk

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... offer to send some Kraft Stovetop stuffing money off coupons to one of our US forumites?

i got some boxes in the UK at a speciality store and have 4 x $1 off valid until 01/30/13 and, as i'm unlikely to be lucky enough to get over the pond before then, i'd like to send them to someone who could use them.

i'd not be asking for money or anything in return.

would that be allowed?

nay x

I don't know why you wouldn't be allowed to, if there's a forumite that wants them.

Outdoor Girl:
Definitely allowed, if you are willing to pay the postage on them.  Now you just need to find a taker.   :)

(I don't use it; for my family, I *have* to make my Mom's stuffing.)

in that case first to reply on here wanting them, gets them :)

Maybe you should add the coupon info to the title of the thread?


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