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Trans-Siberian Orchestra

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I did a search, and didn't find anything of this nature before.

I went and saw Trans-Siberian Orchestra perform last night in Rockford, IL. They put on an amazing show by the way, but it's what they did before the show that makes them special. After basic introductions last night, the audience was told, that for the last 13 years, when they do a concert, the orchestra donates $1 from every ticket sold to a local charity.

I don't know how many concert goers have had the main venue announce that, but I thought it was awesome of them to do something like that.

Last nights concert raised over $2400 to the Rockford Food pantry.

I'd heard that, also :).  But I'm surprised they are touring now; I thought they only did Christmas time.

I think that's lovely.

They are coming here sometime next month.  One of the local DJs mentioned a couple of weeks ago that he had talked to one of the guys in TSO recently.  I can't remember the charity chosen for this year.  This is the first non-Christmas concert they have done here.  I think one year, come of the band members went around passing out $ 100 to people on the street/in the mall.

That is so sweet!

I went to see them in November of 2008. They did play Christmas Eve Sarajevo.


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