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Alan Thicke sinks to new low.


I was listening to my local radio station, when the hosts announced they would be interviewing Alan Thicke, who was promoting the Susan B. Komen foundation.   A worthy charity indeed.

Alan was late calling in, which made his interview mercifully short.

He gave a tip of the hat to the charity then mentioned a phone number to call and get a "free cruise."  For each cruise, an unspecified amount of money would be donated to the foundation.  Could have been a penny for all we know.

Then he started in with breastmilk jokes.  About how they sell breastmilk ice cream in Great Britain.   What celebrities would name their own flavor of breastmilk.   He went on and on and even included a few Kardashian jokes.  It was painful to hear, particularly when he's supposedly representing Komen.

In between, he kept mentioning the "free cruise" and including the phone number.

And then, like any other disaster, it was over. :P

I thought I was being uptight, but when it was over the host DJ's were livid!   They were so irate about the cruises.   They thought he was going to discuss a local event, but he was shilling cruises.  Only they didn't use the word "shilling."  They used a word I won't say and didn't think was legal to say on the radio.  It rhymes with "warring" and starts with the same letter.

The DJ's are no saints, but even by their low standards, this was unacceptable.

I'm sure the Komen Foundation wouldn't want to be associated with celebrity breastmilk jokes.

I hope the Komen foundation finds another spokesperson. Someone who can't be bothered to properly promote the foundation has no business speaking for them, let alone someone who makes such tasteless jokes.


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