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Author Topic: Funniest Exam Answers Given by Children (WARNING! may cause immense hilarity)  (Read 5830 times)

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Tilt Fairy

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I know some of you have seen these before, but honestly, some of these are the funniest things I have ever seen. I've had this saved to favourites and been meaning to share this with you lot a while. Just follow the link below!



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The "find X- here it is" prompted a response in the letters page of the Daily Mail from someone who said that the answer was correct, the examiner should have written "find the Value of x "
But still an hilarious article.


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These make me laugh every time :)

Tilt Fairy

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I think my favourite is the "why is Tracey wrong?"...."Because she's a woman". It's just the sheer brazenness of it. If I were that teacher I'd wet myself on seeing it. I like it because it just goes to show that just because a kid is less than academically-gifted in the traditional sense, doesn't mean they're not smart. Some of these children have seriously intelligent wit (and cheek!).


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I am not sure which I liked the best.  I really liked " The hores story and the mother writing back that she was not an exoctic dancer.

I also agree that the answer to "find x" was valid. It should have stated "find the value of x" or "what is the value of x?".
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Seven Ate Nine

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I honestly thought that "hijklmno (h to o)" should have gotten credit.  And while "from page 26 to page 43" wasn't exactly credit worth, it was mildly creative.


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I had a business law class in grad school that utilized the law library ( this was a class in a masters program in finance ).  One on test they asked for the type of reference you would use to find something. I could NOT recall the name, but I described the set of books where they were located and what was in them in great detail. Prof gave me credit for the answer.....