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No, I'm not going to have children

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One advantage of getting old and grey is that nobody asks me anymore when or if I am going to have children.  ;D

It does make me a little sad when people need to live vicariously through their kids.  Obviously I do understand the desire for grandchildren, but those needs can be fulfilled elsewhere (babysitting?  become a surrogate grandma to your neighbour's kids?) and being a grandparent certainly isn't a "right".

But I just wonder what else somebody has going for them in life if they're so obsessed with what somebody else is doing with their own life!   My family is very close, but never once has either of my parents pressured any of us for grandkids (I actually think my Dad secretly wishes we'd slow down now - 3 grandkids to be born within 18 months! And he is sooo busy with his hobbies etc and now is trying to find time to be Super-Granddad!) 

I think you've got some good advice here, make it a veto topic.   A no go zone.  She has to get that her nagging will not achieve anything and the topic isn't open for discussion.  And that you will refuse to engage in dialogue on this topic.


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