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Garden Goblin:
1 - Unless you are my medical provider, you do not need to know my age
2 - Existing on this planet for X years does not automatically make you the superior of someone who has existed on this planet for X minus Y years.
3 - People get old.  You will too.
4 - Old people and young people are allowed to have lives, interests, hobbies, etc...
5 - Regardless of era, music should be played at a volume reasonable for all present
6 - Age does not automatically confer wisdom, nor does lack of age automatically indicate the absence of intelligence
7 - Not all old people are deaf and/or senile
8 - Not all young people are deaf and/or dumb
9 - Neither being the oldest or youngest in the room grants you the automatic and indisputable right to the last slice of pie, especially if you've already had a piece.
10 - The stereo does not need to be turned up to 11, whether it be playing the oldies or the hits of today
11 - Neither great age nor great youth confer the automatic right to determine the channel setting of the television
12 - Respect is a privilege, not a right.  It can be lost.
13 - Neither great age nor great youth confer the right to say what you please or behave without regard for the wellbeing of anyone else.
14 - A 49th birthday is not automatically more special than a 5th birthday, barring other extenuating circumstances, priority will be given to invitations in the order in which they arrive.
15 - If my fillings are rattling, the music is too loud, that has nothing to do with not understanding the music of your generation, whichever generation that may be.
16 - Both old and young people are allowed to exist in public
17 - Neither the very old nor the very young exist solely for the purpose of entertainment
18 - Both the very old and the very young occasionally require additional aid and patience, you did once, you will again
19 - Your generation achieved X, my generation achieved Y, the next generation will achieve Z, none of which makes any of us superior to any other
20 - The music of your generation is just as irritating at high volume as the music of other generations
21 - Every generation blames the one that came before and the one that came after, all with the same level of accuracy.
22 - Neither retainers nor dentures need be openly displayed and left on the dinner table for someone else to deal with
23 - The topic of bowel movements does not need to come up at the table, regardless of the great age or great youth of the individual involved
24 - Your parents also complained about 'kids today'
25 - Fix your hair, pull up your pants, and get away from my stereo


Mad Goat Woman:
26. If I can hear the music with my hearing aids out and bedroom door closed, it's too.dingdangity.loud. Turn it down! (And I happen to be 25...)

Older people can have love lives too.  They even *gasp* have sex!

Black Delphinium:
"When I was your age..." or "When I get to be your age..." are loaded phrases, think very carefully before using them.


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