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Author Topic: Extreme Dietary Restrictions: The Raw Vegan guest  (Read 11662 times)

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Re: Extreme Dietary Restrictions: The Raw Vegan guest
« Reply #30 on: May 29, 2012, 11:02:03 AM »
Thank you all for your wonderful suggestions!

I did a lot of research since posting this, and had come to the conclusion that there were a variety of nice salads, and a few interesting soups, that I could handle and would be tasty. It seemed anything much more complicated than that either required massive amounts of prep time, or a dehydrator, or both. But I decided that having those things on hand, and a variety of raw nuts, fatty items (avocados, olives, etc), and fresh fruits and veggies would be accommodating enough - and instead of cooking full meals for SO and I, we would simply supplement that spread with some non-raw/non-vegan items, and it would be sort of 'picnic style'. :P

But EXCELLENT news! She has decided to drop raw while she is traveling, and just stick to vegan! Which means I can't bake, but I *can* cook a number of yummy dishes. There are a decent number of things in my repertoire that are already vegan or can easily be adjusted to be such.

I'm excited to show off my seitan BBQ burritos! As long as the BBQ sauce doesn't contain honey (honestly, she may not be anti-honey anyway), it's good to go!

Thanks again to everyone for the suggestions, links, etc!

If you want to bake, I've made these brownies before, and they are super yummy. I add 100% dark choc chips and chopped nuts to mine, and they are delicious.

The best part is, because there are no ingredients that need to be cooked for safety reasons (i.e. no raw egg), you can basically adjust the cooking time to get the level of gooiness you prefer, without worrying that you might get ill.

That recipe sounds really good! But it's definitely not hard to find vegan baking options, in general. Most sweet baked goods work OK with a substitution of a comparable volume of applesauce or bananas for eggs and plant-based 'milk' or margarine for milk or butter.

I make vegan black bean brownies that are shockingly good (well, I guess they're not shocking if you regularly cook sweets with black beans in them, but they wow me), for instance, and I entertained this weekend with vegan (thanks to almond mozzarella 'cheese') and vegetarian pizza. The step from vegetarian to vegan, when you're only doing it for a weekend, is not too far.