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Bed Sizes

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There is a discussion elsewhere about bed sizes, but rather than take that onto a tangent, I thought this would be a good topic for this area.

Just to start off, here is a handy guide to bed sizes in different places:


So a King size bed in the UK is actually marginally smaller than what Americans call Queen size, and our SuperKing is smaller than your King size!

DH and I have a UK Kingsize bed (which we share with three cats).  I think King is becoming more popular with people who have large enough bedrooms -- which is by no means everyone. People who live in smaller houses would have trouble fitting more than a double. The SuperKing is very unusual, and it can be very hard to find bedlinen for.

UK Kingsize is adviseable for pretty much any man over 6 foot tall, otherwise their feet will stick out of the bottom of the bed!

We have a UK Kingsize for me, DH, our 2 cats, our 16 month old daughter (on Saturday mornings only!) - and my ever-growing bump of Baby No 2!

When we stayed in a hotel recently in a double, it seemed really small in comparison.

Would love to have a Super King - that will have to be the next one. I also used to love Frasier's bed on "Frasier" - it looked enormous!! Big beds are definitely the way forward!

DF and I have a (US) Full size bed and its plenty big enough for us.  A Queen might be nice, but it wouldn't fit our home well and the sheets/bedding are significant;y more expensive.

I've gotten (US) King size beds in hotels and find then too large for comfort - I actually have to crawl out of them, instead of just rolling and swinging my legs out.

Outdoor Girl:
I live alone and have a queen sized bed.  I tend to be a starfish when I sleep; with the queen, I rarely have a limb over the edge anywhere.  A double is OK but I sometimes have to pull a limb back up and onto the bed.

I've slept in a king in motels and also find it a bit big but with a partner, it might be fine since I would still get to starfish without kicking him too much.


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