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Flora Louise:
So I was at a birthday party for a friend last week and a woman I had just met  told me Americans are rude. She assured me that Canadians have better manners.  (I am American and she is Canadian.) She based this on two experiences. 1) She felt that some men she had encountered in Chicago  were too pushy getting on an elevator. 2) Her grandchild back in Toronto uses please and thank you.

She made these statements out of the blue. I guess she just felt I should know.

Diane AKA Traska:
This would blow her mind: it's rude to make blanket assumptions about people you don't know.  And if she's Canadian, and Canadians are polite...

Hahahaha  ;D Good to know I don't have to be polite to others from now on then, cuz you know, with me being American and all it would be both unnecessary and confusing to others if I was.

I wonder what she would think if some people pushed their way onto an elevator while saying in a rude tone "Get out of my way, please! Thank you!".

She just proved otherwise by telling you that.


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