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--- Quote from: kareng57 on September 07, 2012, 09:43:18 PM ---I see this as a non-issue.  Co-worker is not the boss, so there would be no real consequence if he does not attend and/or give a gift.

However, I'll admit that as a Canadian my opinion is a bit biased.  Big high-school graduation parties where the parents' friends/co-workers are all invited generally aren't done here anyway.

--- End quote ---

They aren't always typical in the U.S. either.

In my neck of the woods, graduation parties are done sometimes, but it's not a typical thing. Therefore, I've never felt the pressure to attend one, unless it was for a close family member. I think the general consensus of sending your regrets for not being able to attend are well in order. The audacity of some people to think that they should get everything they expect....and even more, the audacity they have to actually demand it!  >:(

I think the graduation party being planned is for the mom and not the kid.  It sounds like she is planning on "shaking down" any one she knows hoping that they'll raise enough money to kick him out of the house. 

Heh.  When our girls were young, and whining hard about homework, DH would tell them that he already passed Grade X, now it was their turn.  He would help with homework, sometimes a lot, but all the ideas and leg work had to be theirs.  The only time I typed something for someone was when she had 15 minutes to leave for school and had forgotten that it had to be typed and printed, not hand written.

There were many children whose parents did do their homework and special projects for them, and it cost my kids a lot over the years, but they KNOW when they've earned something, it was THEM earning it, not us.


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