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Would that SHE had been silent sooner


I was in the lingerie department of my favorite department store, trying to find a bra that actually fits because I've gained a little weight.  When I get to the counter with my purchase, this dialogue happens:

Clerk: This is a special sale bra.  You can buy two, get one free.
Me: <mentally calculating my bank account> No, I don't think I want to buy two bras right now, let alone three.
Clerk: Oh, you're changing sizes, aren't you?  That's understandable.  When my daughter was pregnant--...
Me:  :o

I don't think I heard anything after that.  Certainly didn't say anything.  At some point, I think she realized that I'm not pregnant, but I kept my mouth shut, my face an icy blank, and my wallet shut to any further purchases in the store that day.

Yikes! Twice I've had people, both women, assume I'm pregnant & ask me when I'm due. Awful feeling. Never a store clerk though, not very smart.

The punch line to this event?  I went to another department store and found the same brand of bra for 50% less, so I bought two.  Now I have that three for the price of two deal, AND the clerk at Department Store B complimented me on my good shopping skills.


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