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Question: do people even flaming know what an assumption is any more?  I had ordered a new PS3 controller from Amazon.  Sadly, it wouldn't hold a charge of longer than 30-45 minutes, so I went to the local UPS facility yesterday to return it.  This is my conversation with the UPS Guy (UG):

UG: Amazon return, huh?  (hefts box). Well, it's too light to be a book, so I guess you ordered the wrong kitchen gadget.  (big smile) (strike one--nice.  I'm female so it must be a kitchen gadget and, being female, I'm not bright enough to order the right item)

Me: (idiot that I am for not using the phrase here).  Nope, it's a defective PS3 controller.

UG: Ah!  Good thing your man (ugh!) has you to run errands for him.  I imagine he's pretty cranky not being able to play.  You're probably happy about that, though, right? (strike two--only men play video games and all females resent them bitterly for it)

Me: (left eyebrow shoots up) Now, that's an interesting assumption. (better late than never)

UG: Yeah, you chicks (!!!!) are just too hard on us guys for wanting to play.  (Eyebrow goes higher). It's like you guys getting into your chick flicks or on the phone--you just don't notice how much time goes by.  (Eyebrow is now attempting to reach escape velocity) (strike three--chick flicks?  On the phone?  Stereotype much? Please.)

Me: Moving right along; I need to run some errands.

UG: (as he completes the transaction) Yeah, my girlfriend is on the phone all the time.  What's with women and phones, anyway?  (my eyebrow may never reach baseline normal again.  On the plus side, I'm only a word, maybe two, away from getting a Sexist Bingo, so it's all good.) I really wish she was more into games.  Well, she loves Farmville, but all you chicks (!!!) do.  Here's your receipt.

Me: (not able to refrain myself) Thanks.  By the by, the controller was for me.  I'm at level 45 in Skyrim with a DiD Nord warrior and yeah, I am a little cranky about not getting to play.  I've also never played Farmville in my life.  You have a good day now. (leaves, massaging painful eyebrow while fool stands there)

My only conclusion is that people have no clue as to what the word "assumption" means.  I may need to type the phrase out with definitions for each word and print up business cards with it.  And, as an aside, who on earth uses the word "chicks"?

...*sigh*... I feel your pain, sister-in-arms (arms being every virtual weapon we've ever had a character wield).

One of the reasons why I love love love the phrase "what an interesting assumption" is -because- it often flies right over the offender's head. It's not that they don't know what the word assumption means, it's because they don't hear the word assumption. They hear the word interesting.

I love it when they continue with their nonsense. Usually, because they just keep digging that hole.

As an aside, guys like that still exist in the world? They must have decided what a woman was really like in their head when they were 12 years old, and never took a look around them once.

Edited for spellin'.

UPS guy? Was he good looking and did his uniform fit nice? .... Ooops was that another stereotype? :P

I dunno...sexist comments like that get mock outrage and corrections from me. His defective controller comment would have gotten your final parting comment...or equivalent from me. I try to make my point in such a way that we can both laugh about it. Not that it's required, but if you tackle it head on you don't have to listen to more offensive comments. And if you can end it on a more humorous note, then the next encounter doesn't risk being uncomfortable.

For me it's power tools. I use them most often around the house and many were gifts to me. A friend asking to borrow "my husband's" tools was corrected right then and there that they are *my* tools.


--- Quote from: Fidgets on June 05, 2012, 10:41:59 AM --- And, as an aside, who on earth uses the word "chicks"?

--- End quote ---

<raises hand>

LOL.  I have to admit saying something like this as we were trying to get out of the stadium after a game:

"Hey dude - did you see that chick? She totally walked directly in front of you and then came to a complete stop.  Srsly?  Who does that?"

Is it rude to throw up on somebody? Because I am sure that would have activated my gag reflex.


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