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Shopping in Boston



Apparently she's in Rhode Island and looking for outlet malls to hit on her way TO Boston.  Any suggestions?




Hi everyone.  My sister is on a business trip to Boston for a week and is looking for places to shop.  Mid-range price, please.  She won't have a car, and is staying downtown.  Any suggestions besides Filene's Basement? 

Where do you shop for your own clothes?



Filene's Basement is no more  :'(

I don't usually shop in Downtown Boston ( we typically go to eat ).  But I mourn the loss of Filene's Basement

Coming in WAAAAAY late here, but there is a humongoid outlet mall in Wrentham, off 495. It's a good one, just very crowded.

Thats the one I was thinking of Premium Outlets in Wrentham Mass.  Easy to get to ... she's take exit 6 off of 95 ( onto 495 ) and its very close.

My Dh works there :)  Nice GAP outlet, Coach outlet, Ann Taylor - LOADS of clothing stores.  Have her check online for directions and coupons.

Let me know if you have any questions


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