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kanye west denied access in restaurant.

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Where was the flunky with the phone when they were running an hour behind?


--- Quote from: Sharnita on June 08, 2012, 05:02:02 AM ---Kanye has already struck me as petty and spoiled.  The fact that he had a reservation that was held and he was a whole hour late means he prevented reataurant #1 from making money.  He could have called and changed the reservation but he didn't care about them.  So when he did arrive I can see why they didn't want to deal with him - he had already been disrespectful to them.  He only proves them right when he calls them to taunt them from the other restaurant.  If he was going to have any further contact it should have been an apology and maybe some money to make up for what they lost waiting for him to show up for an hour.

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Also, if it's true the kitchen was closed then he's doubly-spoiled for expecting them to open it just for him.

I would be more likely to patronize a restaurant that did this. The owner/manager showed respect for his/her employees by closing on time and letting them go home on time. I grew up among the entitled and privileged who thought their names meant they don't have to obey the rules seeing people with that attitude put in their place warms my heart.

At least Kanye West isn't bellowing that the owner is a bigot. That is the only good thing I can say about his behavior.


Of course every newspaper is shocked and appalled that the restaurant didn't immediately call its employees back and grovel in apology for the delay to Kanye. They have spent many long years convincing the public that celebrities are important, and entitled to nothing but obedience and admiration from us lowly peons, who should be ecstatic if we get a chance to be in their presence. They must be horrified to see someone treat an "A lister" as if he were just a regular person.

According to the comments, he booked for 3pm and showed up at 4:14. The kitchen is always closed between 4 and 5.

No sympathy. Blowing off your reservation is rude. The attitude on top of it? Incredibly rude. No sympathy here, and the snotty phone call makes me think even less well of him than I did before.


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