Etiquette School is in session! > "What an interesting assumption."

DH used it on his mom!


Last night DH and I were at his younger sister's graduation party. Lots of his out of town family came in for the party, and we will be hosting them for a cookout tomorrow afternoon. As we were saying our goodbyes, my bff (her family is good friends with DH's family) asked if we would be going to church on Sunday. We told her no, since we both work on Saturdays and had plans Saturday night, we would be getting ready for the cookout.

My MIL piped up, "Yeah, they can't go; it's going to take them hours to clean their pigsty of a house!"
DH responded, "That's interesting Mom, why do you assume that our house is a pigsty?"

She didn't have time to respond, since his aunt & uncle approached us to say goodbye. Then we left. I'm so proud of him!!  :D

What a nice polite response by your DH, but as to your MIL - just... wow!   :o

Mental Magpie:
I'm with EmmaJ.


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